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Short Story Trik Perempuan Membela Diri Ini Mendapat Pujian dari Netijen Internasional

waw... briliant
Sapientem @GospelJosiah

The powerful mind of a woman who reads. Thread...

25/11/2019 02:23:27 WIB
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Mildred @D_lady_mildred

@GospelJosiah Beauty without brains=cosmetic foolishness ✌🏽

25/11/2019 02:26:23 WIB
TheNigeriaDream @soulmonkolawole

@GospelJosiah @GospelJosiah you sure you won't make compilation of these stories. They are all very good

25/11/2019 03:24:19 WIB
SEPTEMBER 23rd🎂 @IamEmmasey

@GospelJosiah A woman who know her value n worth live long. Add with sense not beauty m

25/11/2019 14:49:38 WIB
Obìdìyà @AnieManny

@GospelJosiah Wow! your a brilliant writer👏 your short stories are top-notch.

25/11/2019 16:52:06 WIB


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