Tati Hashim @izzatihashim_
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Tati Hashim @izzatihashim_
5 hidden IG story function. Omg seriously helpful gila! pic.twitter.com/cEiKIFmaGi
Nobita @Kimkimochie
@izzatihashim_ @AnizzAtikah Iphone user ja kak, kita android jangan retweet..
Bluvin 🌟🌈 @bluvin_96
@izzatihashim_ @royaleug For android user you can do it too but for the multiple photo you need to screenshot the photo and paste it like you paste a text or choose the Clipboard option and then choose your photo.
tene @teneinii
@AfafAsyraf @izzatihashim_ We can use the color gradient and just screen shot image and paste it using clipboard on ig story
𝙧𝙚𝙚𝙯 🌙 @softmoanlight
@AfafAsyraf @izzatihashim_ we can also use the emoji glow and multi-colored text one. the others don't work (unless you follow the tip of the one guy who said screenshot then paste)
ain @ainmsthh
@AfafAsyraf @izzatihashim_ Android use can do all of it except the boomerang


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