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Kocak, Reaksi Netijen Ketika Ilmu Sains Nyatakan Pengguna Android Cenderung Dikatakan Manusia Yang Lebih Baik

menurutmu gimana?
iPhone ANDROID Apple sains smartphone
Sharika Soal 🇺🇸 @SharikaSoal84
Android owners are better human beings than iPhone users, according to science.
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princessglitter @high_heel_life
@SharikaSoal84 As an iPhone owner 4 times over... I can confirm this data is based on solid science. #iamadumpsterfire
Martel @Allpros19
@sIuttykayIa I always wondered if this like a running joke or if ppl actually brainwashed into thinking android cameras are bad? 💀
ants in her pants @_trivmphant
@sIuttykayIa Lmao yall really still think just cause snapchat was made for iPhones and not androids that yall have a better camera 😭😭😭
EvelynⓋ @evieonthetv
@Allpros19 @sIuttykayIa Omg have you seen androids Snapchats videos?!Looks like it’s from the 80s. It’s so laggy and ugly
ketireads @ketireads
@_trivmphant @sIuttykayIa when the 11 pro just came out and snapchat didn’t update the software for the camera (shitty quality) I saw people complaining that the camera was shit and they were going to return the phone 😂😂. like how are you going to return the phone based on one app?!??
mili 🐀 @thisismmmmili
@sIuttykayIa lmao where is your camara quality now, sis. I don't see it 🔍
Sharika Soal 🇺🇸 @SharikaSoal84
The same people who got mad when I tweeted about brown eyes being beautiful are the same people, mad that I said, I prefer android phones.
🥳 @cutiescult
@SharikaSoal84 why make a fuss over petty things? androids and iphones are just a device. it doesn’t makes us good or bad. your science is incorrect.


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