💨❄️ Lingus and Lucy ❄️💨 @KevKevvvvv
@firdausshah1771 @aroundthegIobe @Theslimevids I’m glad I’m not the only one that for some strange reason has that same urge.
Shaed. @shaedadrath
@aroundthegIobe you know, you can drink lava but only once
E. J. Dawson @ejdawsonauthor
@aroundthegIobe @Catrambo ... am I the only adult that went; woah, Moana is real.
Torvic D'tuares @tdtuares
@aroundthegIobe @fightanimalss The temperature of the volcanic lava. Volcanic lava is the magma that passes through the volcano and sale to the surface. When this time comes, the lava is at a high temperature: between 700 and 1,200 ° C.
Ryan Bowers @RyanBowers94
@aroundthegIobe @liambowerrs I wanna fight my friend here and then get some highground
주주 @youarmyday
@rlthingy Ambil dikit tiup dulu terus tetesin ditangan jilat deh coba nanti kaya gitu aja
ً @fxagile
@rlthingy Kayanya kalo me time kesini enak, lgsg lompat.
🎈 @annishanh
@rlthingy ya cobain aja, ntar kasih testimoni y
kukur. @tryindabest
@rlthingy Cobain nder, biar penasaranku hilang


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