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Sebuah Komik Pendek Untuk Para Suami yang Merasa Istrinya Sudah "Tidak Menarik"

sadar hey sadaaar @tumbenlucu
Sapientem @GospelJosiah

Be careful how you treat her. Thread...

12/11/2019 17:48:18 WIB
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FemaleKING­čĹĹ @queenkayzee

@GospelJosiah True story. Raising a family wears us thing. It does. Only men who do not know this complain that their wives have become unattractive. If she was beautiful when you met her and now she's not, well SURPRISE, you are the reason her beauty fades. Love her so.

12/11/2019 18:05:47 WIB
Kurlins @kurlinse

@queenkayzee @GospelJosiah *raising a family alone. I have a friend who I feel like she's going through the same thing, and it's worrying to me that u can't help her

13/11/2019 02:19:01 WIB