URL Los Angeles Times 5745 The official instant ramen power rankings One man’s opinion on the best (and worst) instant ramens.
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. * * .🌙 * . * ☄️. * . 🌍 * . * 🍜 * . * . the official * instant ramen * . * power rankings * . * . . * 🍜 . * . * * * 🌙 . . * 🌟 * . latimes.com/food/story/201…
Tria @triatriatria
Happy to see Indomie BBQ Chicken flavor noodles given the superior ranking they deserve. twitter.com/latimesfood/st…
Vicki @Vookarou
who at @latimes gave them the authority to put BBQ chicken over normal CLASSIC mi goreng Indomie this is omegawrong on two levels--the flavors they picked AND the placement of the instant noodles. pic.twitter.com/YPyr3W3dIZ
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🍃gobble gobble season 🍂 @spinstering1
interesting, sadly many great noodles are missing the chicken bbq Indomie is legitimately a great meal though, especially with some egg twitter.com/latimesfood/st…
odi✨ @odeeeya
I am an Indonesian but i have never eat indomie goreng bbq chicken in my entire life i am a joke twitter.com/latimesfood/st…
Jintak Han (한진탁) @jintakhan
@latimesfood Nice to see Shin Black ranked high, but the Jin ranking won’t fly with a lot of Koreans
Vince Vo @yoyovo
@latimesfood @lucaspeterson It would have been great to see where Neoguri, Chapagetti, and Nissin Raoh would have fit in this list
dimas @syvardi
@zahwaafh taste better when u make it with a coffee maker


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