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Taimoor Malik @TaimoorMalik

@firuzap Tagged you for tomorrow's prompts #TS166 Hope that's acceptable.

27/02/2012 13:03:59 WIB
Firuza Pastakia @firuzap

Prompts for #TS166: vacuum, owl, religion. Pls RT.

28/02/2012 08:33:24 WIB
Taimoor Malik @TaimoorMalik

We're not people of religion. We're creatures of the night wandering around; craving to fill our complex, interconnecting cavities. #TS166

28/02/2012 10:56:56 WIB
Taimoor Malik @TaimoorMalik

Don't fuck with us, We're not fucked about your faith, The void inside you is so barren, You stalk us, You're sleepless, It's so late #TS166

28/02/2012 10:57:01 WIB
Taimoor Malik @TaimoorMalik

Your gospels are yours, We have our own gods. We worship them, We pamper them, We get bored, We move on. Embracing seductive new gods #TS166

28/02/2012 10:57:04 WIB
Taimoor Malik @TaimoorMalik

We're splendidly damaged, We're charmingly disturbed, While you've become static night watchers, We mock you with delightful disdain. #TS166

28/02/2012 10:57:07 WIB
Taimoor Malik @TaimoorMalik

You don't actually like yourself much, We're narcissists to the core, You've relegated yourself to monotony, We want more, Much more. #TS166

28/02/2012 10:57:11 WIB
Taimoor Malik @TaimoorMalik

This is not a rant in protest, This is the reality check, You're insomniacs of perplexity, We're an irresistible, lascivious wreck. #TS166

28/02/2012 10:57:14 WIB
Firuza Pastakia @firuzap

At night she needed something to believe. #TS166

28/02/2012 13:06:11 WIB
HawkesBay (Löuche) @HawkesBay

He sucked in the words in the good book then spat them back out at us like pellets #TS166

28/02/2012 13:16:27 WIB
Ozymandias Kraus @okwaheed

#TS166 "Abbay sahih parh ulloo! Qul, qainchi wali qaaf say!"

28/02/2012 14:57:32 WIB
sfactor 🐼 @sfactor_

#TS166 his religion made him an owl,all for filling the vacuum.

28/02/2012 15:03:18 WIB
Shahab Siddiqi @UncleFu

All these owls flying around, villagers with questionable memories. This was more than just a cult thing. #TS166

28/02/2012 15:18:50 WIB
sfactor 🐼 @sfactor_

#TS166 put an owl in a vacuum,does it sound like a new religion? @firuzap

28/02/2012 16:17:31 WIB
sfactor 🐼 @sfactor_

#TS166 Chaplain spotted an owl,"a vacuum,lack of faith & religion"he commented adjusting d skull cap,time taught everything abt d place!

28/02/2012 16:32:40 WIB
farid alvie @faridalvie

@firuzap #TS166 Holy Hooters: My life in the FBI by J. Edgar Hoover.

28/02/2012 17:37:58 WIB
Matthew Jackson @mattshiloh

#ts166 those of the owl religion have a hoot vacuuming feathers...

28/02/2012 18:55:54 WIB
Sharmeen @sharmeenalikhan

#TS166 He knew his marriage, already cut off from most senses, was in grave trouble when she started referring to herself as the oracle.

28/02/2012 18:56:29 WIB
Oxblood Ruffin @OxbloodRuffin

#TS166 President Hoover was unwise, unlike Soloman.

28/02/2012 18:57:45 WIB

Minerva shed her armour and donned a French maid's frills. a size too small, but they served. #TS166

28/02/2012 21:13:47 WIB
Kiran Haroon @CinnamonCurls

They worshipped at the altar of the Owl until the Mighty One sucked them into the abyss. #TS166

28/02/2012 22:49:57 WIB
SGul @Shiringul

Was it wise or foolish to think of eternity as a vacuum and not an abyss? Her belief was shaken, her faith, still, sublime. #TS166

28/02/2012 22:55:21 WIB
Awais Aftab @awaisaftab

the space between us is bubbling with quantum flirtations; we seek the ecstasy of Saint Teresa with insomniac eyes #TS166

28/02/2012 23:01:26 WIB
Alex H Swift @chaelundi

#TS166 Two lovers under covers in the dark / filled empty spaces playing places on the Ark / "worship me", he ordered / she succumbed

29/02/2012 00:23:53 WIB
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