Video yang Bikin Jagad Maya Sempat Bingung, Nyesel Mengira Ini Video Supranatural

keren sih idenya
FUN supranatural Video Viral
Jake Ahmed @7771Jake
@YNWA66LFC @cctv_idiots I’m more impressed with the upside down writing
Matt Meyerson @MattRPRT
@cctv_idiots video is upside down of someone running on ice
Patryx @Patryx5
@cctv_idiots @fax222 Nessuna confusione Corre su un lago ghiacciato e la ripresa è sottosopra 😉
marcosola @marcosola1970
@Patryx5 @cctv_idiots @fax222 👏👏👏 ho impiegato 10 minuti a capire...🤣🤣🤣 domani neurologo !
DeeGee @DeeGee1999
@cctv_idiots Cool. Literally turn your device upside down. Might have worked out even better if he wore dark clothing. How do people even come up with these ideas though? 🤔


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