Brian2372 @Brian23721
Oct 24th to 31st One Piece Stampede English Dub Theater Poster pic.twitter.com/JiOk5bc2mt
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Yekaterina González @iYEIKITA
One Piece Stampede was sooooo good!!! It was super fun/tension inducing. We got to see so many interactions we would had never seen due to the original story/everyone on their own paths. I warned my mom that Oda's goal is to make his fans cry, yet didn't expect that last 2 min 😅 pic.twitter.com/gqvijxeyzZ
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Anthony Portugues @Chewie891
damn need to watch one piece stampede again so many good scenes and what roger said at the end almost made me tear a bit
kacchan 💥 @liluzumaki_
One Piece stampede was fucking amazing 😭
Blake @BlakeBakeDaCake
@diddyknux Well I mean stampede and more episode home releases are practically confirmed. I dont think we'll ever be done collecting one piece lol


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