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✨🌸 Momo Kurumi 🌸✨ @momokurumicos

💖 Cosplayer 🎀 Seamstress 🎀 Designer 💕 Latina 🌟 Phoenix, AZ ☀️ Next Con: Holiday Matsuri 💝 Diversity in Cosplay Matters! 💫

✨🌸 Momo Kurumi 🌸✨ @momokurumicos

I’m gonna be so mad if this flops, I had to awkwardly wait 8 minutes for a lady to pick a dog food in between shots 🙃🤣

26/10/2019 08:48:29 WIB
✨🌸 Momo Kurumi 🌸✨ @momokurumicos

My bow is crooked 🙃 Anyways, slightly different but positive message time: listen to voices from marginalized groups 💖 we have an opportunity to make the world better, and it starts by being better listeners. Growth and learning never stops. Always remember that! 💕

26/10/2019 11:06:50 WIB
✨🌸 Momo Kurumi 🌸✨ @momokurumicos

For those asking tips on standing in shopping carts: 1) mostly, don’t 😂 2) stand on the balls of your feet, don’t rely on the heels. Same for walking in grass or dirt where the stilettos can sink ;o

26/10/2019 14:14:15 WIB
Bri @ Queer Kicks Enamel Pin Kickstarter @BrichibiTweets

@momokurumicos Why are you like this 😂😂😂 (Also were you in the cart the whole 8 minutes?)

26/10/2019 10:22:28 WIB
Babz “Asryka” KC @VileManor

@momokurumicos @LiciaRei I normally hate antics people get up to at my store... but if you came to mine and did that I couldn’t even be mad. ☺️

26/10/2019 13:19:27 WIB
✨🌸 Momo Kurumi 🌸✨ @momokurumicos

@VileManor @LiciaRei I try really hard to not be TOO obnoxious 😂 and I made sure to buy something while I was there (but I mean I was just there earlier this week anyways ahahaha)

26/10/2019 13:28:52 WIB


andi cahaya @andicahaya33 31/10/2019 16:01:18 WIB
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