An Inconvenient marriage of convenience: A story of true love

The adventures of taming Katherine, the shrew. In the perspective of Petruchio. By: Devon and Sarah GT ILA
Petruchio @devosaurus1

My father died today. I’m leaving for Padua to seek a wealthy bride and, I pray, to see my dear friend Hortensio.

29/02/2012 10:23:06 WIB
Petruchio @devosaurus1

Already, Hortensio tells me of a wealthy Katherine Minola, though she be a “shrew”.

29/02/2012 10:27:32 WIB
Petruchio @devosaurus1

I told Hortensio, “I come to wive it wealthily in Padua; If wealthily, then happily in Padua”

29/02/2012 10:30:06 WIB
Petruchio @devosaurus1

Visiting Signior Baptista to discuss a possible dowry of 20,000 crowns? Methinks it to be fair!

29/02/2012 10:31:43 WIB
Petruchio @devosaurus1

He seems eager to marry away Katherine. And now I know why.

29/02/2012 10:39:02 WIB
Petruchio @devosaurus1

But I shall not fret! For she is nothing I cannot handle. I proved that to her today.

29/02/2012 10:41:43 WIB
Petruchio @devosaurus1

My fair and patient Kate! Katherine! Kat! I shall soften thee!

29/02/2012 10:42:47 WIB
Petruchio @devosaurus1

I had to lie to her father and tell him she loved me.

29/02/2012 10:43:36 WIB
Petruchio @devosaurus1

I arrived fashionably late and dressed ridiculously to my wedding, according to Signor Baptista.

29/02/2012 10:45:37 WIB
Petruchio @devosaurus1

And so a wedding is over, I head back to my cabin and my new wife follows me.

29/02/2012 10:46:30 WIB
Petruchio @devosaurus1

I made my servants serve my hungry Kate food, then complained it was overcooked! Thy shall be tamed in no time.

29/02/2012 10:48:26 WIB
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