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Ciri-ciri Seseorang Mengalami Penyakit Mental dan Tempat untuk Mencari Pertolongan

penyakit mental jangan ditertawakan
mialegria @mialegria

About mental illness and suicide prevention from various sources (Indonesian) Please spread the love ❤️

09/06/2018 08:02:07 WIB
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mialegria @mialegria

SuIcide prevention resources (USA version)

09/06/2018 08:03:48 WIB
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mialegria @mialegria

Final note: Do not forget to check on your family and friends. One of the obvious lessons we can learn from the recent events is that a person’s outlook does not tell anything about how okay/not okay he/she is.

09/06/2018 08:19:25 WIB
mialegria @mialegria

@mediiaaaa Hi there, if you just need an ear to listen, you can tell me things. A hundred percent anonymous. I hope you’ll feel better.

10/06/2018 23:07:37 WIB
☾☁⃛◞◞📌 @iceteapanaz

@mialegria @indowmie 1234 me af sih. susah ngilanginnya. udah niat dr dulu dahal.

11/06/2018 01:34:39 WIB
Titik L. Handayani @vipboni

@mialegria 7/8, karena merasa udah butuh banget bantuan, sekarang lagi rajin terapi ke psikiater..

11/06/2018 06:32:01 WIB
mialegria @mialegria

@vipboni Good for you! 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 Keep hanging in there and I hope you’re feeling better soon. Much love 🤗

11/06/2018 07:10:52 WIB


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