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Rekaman Seorang Wanita Ingin Bunuh Diri Dari Jendela Gedung, Tapi Cara Ia Diselamatkan Bikin Bengong Campur Geli

pastinya dia akan lupa sejenak dengan keinginan bunuh diri
JOJO @iamJokunle

This is a video of a Japanese firefighter rescuing a suicidal lady🔥. Wow 😂😂😫

23/10/2019 14:01:33 WIB
Lin❣️ @Lin47147636

@iamJokunle Seriously this is insane, she's in a place where live is much easier and she wants to take her life, what could she have done if she's in Nigeria where everything is difficult?

23/10/2019 14:10:17 WIB
Knnata Hansen @knnatah

@Lin47147636 @iamJokunle Depression seldom comes from where you live. It mostly deals with personalities.

23/10/2019 15:59:04 WIB
Ruth @Ruth11546252

@iamJokunle He kicked out all suicidal thoughts from her 😂😂

23/10/2019 16:31:20 WIB
SABI BOY! ➐ @KachiKach_007

@iamJokunle She won't be thinking about suicide for a very long time 😂

23/10/2019 18:31:49 WIB
Engr Oyelesi Mayowa @Mayor_blue

@iamJokunle You caption should be: This is a a Video of a Japanese firefighter rescuing a suicidal lady by Kicking out every form of depression in her life. 🔥.Wow 😂😂😫

23/10/2019 21:02:45 WIB
Surv. Adebare @surv_adebare

@Mayor_blue @iamJokunle No wonder you are an engineer sir. You can't be a broadcaster. Your headline long pass story

24/10/2019 05:14:47 WIB


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