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Tech, design, photography. Dior tastes on a Daiso budget. Join me in my attempts to lose weight while eating all the cake I can get my hands on.

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Hi @halalSG i saw in the supermarket got Babi but got logo that says it’s vegetarian. Like that can eat anot? pic.twitter.com/XzwQH7T3ba
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Hamid's daughters @Cikfatimah
@frhn @halalSG Aku dah makan dah benda ni. Time dekat Turkey. halal lah
𝔫𝔦π”ͺ @itsqaira
@Cikfatimah kat malaysia takde yg rasa sama mcm babi tu ke πŸ˜”πŸ€ŸπŸ»
Sarah Coldheart @sarahcoldheart
@ofmeowandbake @frhn @halalSG Lols now I wanna know what does babi mandul mean in english and what is it.
f @frhn
@sarahcoldheart @ofmeowandbake @halalSG hahahahha sarah you dont know what is babi mandul??
f @frhn
@Hopeily @halalSG LMAO i wasnt even thinking of the shape
Smith Leong πŸ€ @Smithankyou
@frhn @halalSG internet famus again my friend. saw it on sgag. lol

Dijawab dong...

halalSG @halalSG

Official account of the Islamic Religious Council of Singapore (Muis) on Halal food & certification queries. Information now comes in bite-sized servings.

HantuRiang @caprighost
@halalSG @AudiKhalid Ni bahan2 nya terpilih dari babi yang mandul lalu diproses menjadi biskut. Bukan senang nak detect babi mana mandul.
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