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Yougle Fact @YougleFact
National geographic channel has paid 1 Million Dollar for this rare video. What a video 👌👇 pic.twitter.com/FlBASZOghy
Padma-NoleFamMom @LotusFlorida16
@YougleFact 😢😢😢😢😢😢 Such unconditional love:)) ♥️♥️ Thank you for sharing this sad yet heartwarming NatGeo video:))
🎃Steve🎃Hamper🎃 @SteveHamper
@YougleFact I’ve seen this video before but every time it comes up it’s brings tears 😭 to my eyes 👀 😭
Auré @KIWI06365498
@eustace_bagg @YougleFact I'm not crying😢... Are you crying? 😭😭😭
Karen🇨🇦🌎✌💚🌱 @Karen_happygram
@YougleFact @LarsDeno I really gotta stop chopping onions when I watch these videos.....😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
John Coffey 💮 @ArjunKaFan_
@YougleFact ❤️❤️❤️life is all about giving love to every living thing, kindness n courage to protect/preserve nature, That’s why god created we human 🙂 Maybe he doesn’t know the future, Most of the human being gonna forget humanity n kindness just because man became selfish 🙂
asikorska.brzozowska @AsikorskaB
@YougleFact Seriously! This is millions of dolars worth film! After watching this everyone MUST belive that also animals have souls and deep feelings !And memories! Fact that we -humans do not understand their language doesn’t mean a thing. Simply it seems that we are not intelligent enough!
Tiziana Vanni Rossi @TizianaVanRos
@YougleFact I can't stop crying with real and beautiful emotion. the whole world should understand that love and affection, respect and acceptance, are valid for ALL living beings and are the only things that have value. a big hug from Rome, Italy 🌈
Ian Wilson @IanWils32992517
@YougleFact I believe when a life is an inch from death the priceless value of loving relationships is realised. We're not here long enough to hate - it's a pity we all do it. Go tell someone you've fell out with that you love 'em.
Bring on 31st October #Humbug @votes_17
@YougleFact No, you’re crying, I just have something in my eye
MediaB @B33photography
@TizianaVanRos @YougleFact Undeniably undeniable - Love is the universal language across all living species ♥️


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