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Tenyata Gak Cuma Di Negara +62, Kala Netizen Kritik Gaya Berhijab Yang Dinilai Minus Namun Berdalih Ketika Ditanya Balik

yuk ah yang akur aja
Hussain @Creed4rmoffice

@sxghxraa She is hired by allah but does part time for Shaitaan

16/10/2019 23:34:03 WIB
Mohamad Cheri🇱🇧 @mohamad_cheri

@sxghxraa Shaytaan is saying did i even whisper into her ear?

17/10/2019 11:30:29 WIB
m | ACAB @motiroti_

@sxghxraa sis don’t get suspended,,,, again.

17/10/2019 17:12:07 WIB
~~ @sheikhfaloos

@sxghxraa @manarr_abdullah Why she hatin on the shweet one🤦🏽‍♂️

17/10/2019 17:17:46 WIB
syeda🦋 @sxghxraa

@maahaabm I’m trying not to lmfao I think I’ll last

17/10/2019 19:43:58 WIB
Mohamad Cheri🇱🇧 @mohamad_cheri

@sxghxraa He said thats too hot for me and im the Shaytaan

17/10/2019 19:46:15 WIB
Hussain @Creed4rmoffice

@sxghxraa You better make a backup account because I can see you getting suspended after this much reach

17/10/2019 20:00:36 WIB
syeda🦋 @sxghxraa

@fartist01 Miss my 40k likes tweet and all my other viral stuff 🥺

17/10/2019 20:01:23 WIB
syeda🦋 @sxghxraa

Why is this getting so much attention where’s the same energy when I post a selfie 😪

18/10/2019 05:02:27 WIB


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