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Wes🎃 @SorryAmigos

@AndrewVue3 @raweeezy shootings happen often. I can't pretend to know what makes that "okay" in their heads. My brain just can't wrap around watching this, someone doing something wrong to me, and saying "It's clobberin' time 'cuz that's what Joker did." Good dialogue, btw. Sorry for the length.

17/10/2019 21:46:03 WIB
Shredded Mozarella @samman_shakya

I will be very sad if Robert Pattinson Batman is in the same universe as Joaquin Phoenix Joker

17/10/2019 21:46:00 WIB
Gonzalo Nandez @Infogon

@DeremHEstraven Joker es el amo del Caos. Raro seria que no tuviera que ver con ambos bandos.

17/10/2019 21:46:00 WIB
Marissa Nichol @marissa_nichol

After seeing Joker and Parasite within two weeks I need to stay inside for a month and contemplate life

17/10/2019 21:46:00 WIB
生ハム @k_sss8

@JOKER_smsp 次のラキモン運極つくる配信待ってます

17/10/2019 21:45:59 WIB
Wayward @WaywardDrawZ

Jack Nicholson isn't my favorite Joker actor but I think he had the best look. He really nails the creepy cartoon character in real life aspect of Joker well.

17/10/2019 21:45:56 WIB
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えたすとのえむるん🐠🐒💓リムる人嫌い @Emurun_mogmog_

#ミラティブ 配信予定 : ゲリラ終了次第5vs5即席ルームやります!ぜひ見に来てください! 10月18日00:00~

17/10/2019 21:45:52 WIB
カズヤ提督 @kazuya_joker

公式そのものが水着回と言ってはいけない #azurlane_anime

17/10/2019 21:45:51 WIB
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Cristiano Bosco @cristianobosco

Sono un po’ preoccupato. È da circa un’ora che sui social non leggo una recensione di Joker. #Joker

17/10/2019 21:45:48 WIB
Hyacinth🐰 @carloodle

@MaoistRebelNews Jason don't you have a joker movie to review? Also don't steal tweets

17/10/2019 21:45:46 WIB
Hi......My Names Domo, MSW.🤷🏾‍♂️ @SoleNDVL

Yesterday a client of mine expressed that he seen the movie Joker, and identified/related with him in every aspect. Then he verbalized how he relates to many villains in comics.....interesting counseling session. Supervision me please. Me:

17/10/2019 21:45:42 WIB
Jota Ce🏝️🌊 @JCVidalB

Si todavía no han visto la película del Joker la recomiendo 100%🤩 Es increíble como va evolucionando el personaje de Joaquin Phoenix que se manda pedazo de actuación👌 #FelizJueves🤡

17/10/2019 21:45:39 WIB
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Paco @SilvzPaco

Queria arranjar tempo para ver o Joker

17/10/2019 21:45:39 WIB
bubu @sweetestpcy

Okay tell me a honest opinion, is it weird to go to movies with your friend’s bf just the two of you? We get along really well and we both wanna see joker so idk im just worried ppl will think its weird, btw my friend is totally cool with it

17/10/2019 21:45:34 WIB @freecinemagr

501.175 εισιτήρια σε δύο εβδομάδες το "Joker" στην Ελλάδα! Τι έχει να αντιμετωπίσει στη συνέχεια; (Πότε) περνάει τον Παπακαλιάτη; Μπορεί να πάει πιο ψηλά; Ο @efragoulis έχει τις απαντήσεις.… #freecinema #JokerMovie

17/10/2019 21:45:33 WIB
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