Google+ hangout: Interpreter and translator education

Interpreters, translators, and localization professionals: HOW did you get to where you are?
Gerda Prato-Espejo @gerdabilingual

We are live! With some technical difficulties. #EPT

27/02/2012 03:16:42 WIB
Esperancita de la traducción / Flow (she/ella) 💜 @SeulementFleur

Aren't you watching the #HOA of the #EPT team? Today's topic is #Translator and Interpretation education: how did you get to where you are?

27/02/2012 03:17:36 WIB
Natalie Williams @nataliewms

@gerdabilingual Is there a link to watch? I'd love to see this. :o)

27/02/2012 03:23:43 WIB
Gerda Prato-Espejo @gerdabilingual

@nataliewms go to Al Navas account in Google+ and click in the Widget to watch live.

27/02/2012 03:30:18 WIB
Gerda Prato-Espejo @gerdabilingual

Reading the paper, Internet and on the job training as important as academics #EPT @LinguaGreca

27/02/2012 03:42:52 WIB
Gerda Prato-Espejo @gerdabilingual

@LAinterprete is telling us about her professional experience as a Court Interpreter in CA #EPT

27/02/2012 03:49:31 WIB
Gerda Prato-Espejo @gerdabilingual

@LAinterprete has worked as an interpreter for the Latin Grammy award and Dr. Phill! #EPT

27/02/2012 03:51:53 WIB
Gerda Prato-Espejo @gerdabilingual

@MmeInterpreter worked also as a language coach for government agencies in the US #EPT

27/02/2012 03:58:11 WIB
Gerda Prato-Espejo @gerdabilingual

Remember to ask questions and make comments. We will ask them live! #EPT

27/02/2012 04:08:36 WIB
Gerda Prato-Espejo @gerdabilingual

@IciarPertusa is telling us about her education and experience as an interpreter #EPT

27/02/2012 04:11:54 WIB
Elena Poparcea @ElenaPoparcea

RT @SeulementFleur: Typo: I meant Translation and interpretation education #HOA #EPT

27/02/2012 04:15:28 WIB
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