Bisa Kaget Terus Kaki Basah Kebanjiran, Video Lampu LED Animasi di Lantai Ini Teknologi Menakjubkan, Riil Berasa Asli Terjadi

Teknologi yang menakjubkan
Sue&Ron @britsroadtrip

@Havenlust Unfortunately, it looks like my garage floor during a nor’easter!

15/10/2019 17:11:22 WIB
ba_spedteacher @KathiBob

@Havenlust @webfunfood And guess who would kill themselves on the stairs!!!!

15/10/2019 17:51:26 WIB
Laurie ♥ @retsebez

@Havenlust this is amazing @RichP222 it would be so cool to see....

16/10/2019 06:21:09 WIB
Coach DAD🇨🇦🇺🇸 @RichP222

@retsebez @Havenlust Is that not one of the coolest things eh! Imagine having a room at the house dedicated to relaxation with a floor like this and 3d wallpaper of the forest ! Zen!

16/10/2019 06:30:28 WIB
Laurie ♥ @retsebez

@RichP222 @Havenlust I wonder how much that would cost to get installed...I agree with you to have a room like this for relaxing....A huge fish tank to go with your 3d wallpaper of the forest....

16/10/2019 06:35:49 WIB
Coach DAD🇨🇦🇺🇸 @RichP222

@retsebez @Havenlust In windsor i have a 150 gallon tank and a 120 gallon tank! That would be perfect! Imagine having a morning coffee in a room like that! It might cost a bit but the relaxation would be priceless

16/10/2019 06:37:54 WIB
Laurie ♥ @retsebez

@RichP222 @Havenlust Yes I totally agree sometimes the cost is worth the relaxation.. Those are two big tanks you have ... I always find them relaxing to watch the fish...

16/10/2019 06:43:47 WIB
Coach DAD🇨🇦🇺🇸 @RichP222

@retsebez @Havenlust I love big tanks. A buddy of mine has a wall that is a fish tank. Im guessing it has to be at least a 1000 gallon or more. Its absolutely beautiful. I couldn't afford that, let alone the upkeep on it! 😂

16/10/2019 06:46:16 WIB
Laurie ♥ @retsebez

@RichP222 I have seen those huge tanks in restaurants...I can imagine they are expensive....the upkeep

16/10/2019 06:48:45 WIB
Coach DAD🇨🇦🇺🇸 @RichP222

@retsebez Right! Just feeding all those fish and cleaning!

16/10/2019 06:49:45 WIB


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