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Malthusian Government and SUBJECTive Poverty

Alex Andreou @sturdyAlex

Rumours that Cameron and Clegg will demonstrate unity by appearing in a onesie. Just the one onesie.

07/01/2013 17:14:02 WIB
Alex Andreou @sturdyAlex

@zanPHEE I always assumed the "one" referred to the garment, rather than the inhabitant. It's not a Zeroie when not worn. :)

07/01/2013 17:21:57 WIB
Alex Andreou @sturdyAlex

@ijazahmad96 @mehdirhasan They're giving Southern Europe a little sugar to prevent a total collapse of social cohesion.

07/01/2013 20:46:43 WIB
Itsmotherswork @itsmotherswork

@legalaware @sturdyalex Yes - "we've restricted access to justice so only the rich can afford it. Yay!"

07/01/2013 18:45:20 WIB
Alex Andreou @sturdyAlex

If benefits are set at minimum level required to survive, anything less than an inflationary rise is immoral. That's all.

07/01/2013 22:08:01 WIB
Alex Andreou @sturdyAlex

All those pontificating on the "fair" amount on which one could live a week, have clearly never been poor. 1/3

08/01/2013 01:39:08 WIB
Alex Andreou @sturdyAlex

They fail to understand the CUMULATIVE effect of poverty. Life with cupboards bare and freezer empty. 2/3

08/01/2013 01:40:04 WIB
Alex Andreou @sturdyAlex

They could never fathom the devastation caused by a missed payment, a hole in one's only shoes, or a child's birthday. 3/3

08/01/2013 01:42:45 WIB
Cheeky M @CheekyMark1917

@sturdyAlex Basic UB benefit is a shade over £70 a week. Many of those who are critical can spend more than that on lunch....for two.

08/01/2013 01:41:44 WIB
Susan @marthasydenham

@sturdyAlex Not to mention the effect of hope slipping away.

08/01/2013 01:44:14 WIB
Dr Jamiebear 🐻 #BLM @thisisrjg

@sturdyAlex I've been poor. Horizons shrink to nothing within weeks of being on benefits. After a few months, even breathing feels expensive

08/01/2013 01:44:35 WIB
viv bartlett @newviv

@sturdyAlex and meanwhile on Women's Hour today, folk saying they would not be able to afford a cleaner anymore. ffs

08/01/2013 01:44:55 WIB
Dr Jamiebear 🐻 #BLM @thisisrjg

@sturdyAlex After 6 months on benefits, you no longer own clothes suitable for job interviews. Your horizons shrink further.

08/01/2013 01:45:20 WIB
Mary Wombat 🐝 @little_mavis

@sturdyAlex ....and shoes that wear out ..... and children that grow out of their clothes ....and appliances that break....

08/01/2013 01:45:20 WIB
Alex Andreou @sturdyAlex

Not to mention the psychological effect of NEVER having a penny to spend on yourself, to watch a film or go to dinner. 4/3

08/01/2013 01:45:53 WIB
keewa @keewa

@sturdyAlex They *want* that. I've been told that since I have the internet, JSA is clearly too much.

08/01/2013 01:46:48 WIB
Yvonne Carol Davidson @yvonne_davidson

@sturdyAlex I work in retail & everything gone up & up I feel sorry for the kids and it's not their fault always so thin & pale looking xxx

08/01/2013 01:46:59 WIB
best country to throw up in @MediocreDave

@sturdyAlex And having arseholes thinking they're entitled to judge your every spend and purchase because it's "taxpayers' money".

08/01/2013 01:47:20 WIB
Kiz @deililly

@sturdyAlex you wouldn’t believe the bank account hell caused by a family member being admitted to hospital, an hour away by bus, over Xmas.

08/01/2013 01:47:43 WIB
Margo is a lert @MargoJMilne

@sturdyAlex Running out of coffee is a crisis. A jar of coffee punches such a hole in your weekly money.

08/01/2013 01:47:44 WIB
Dr Jamiebear 🐻 #BLM @thisisrjg

@sturdyAlex When I was poor, I smoked; but that was all I had for *me*. Cigarettes were the only thing I "owned". I was a non-person.

08/01/2013 01:49:11 WIB
Chaotic Good Muppet @kristenmchugh22

@sturdyAlex It's quite clear that people who think minimum wage or benefit cuts are reasonable, think people should be punished for.

08/01/2013 01:49:12 WIB
Kate Battrick @katebattrick

@sturdyAlex Too true, no idea of really going without, not even being able to afford a bath to oneself. Having to share bath water

08/01/2013 01:49:12 WIB
Jenny🐊 @JulienLynn

@sturdyAlex And late fees for missed/late bills that pile up over and over. The expression 'It's expensive to be poor' is 100% true.

08/01/2013 01:50:26 WIB
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