My 6 burning questions to fellow world #federalists on #peaceful use of #nuclear #energy #WFM

This is an invitation to the opportunity for an open discussion--a dialogue--to the world federalists on the WFM doctrine of promotion of "peaceful use of nuclear energy". Read More
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🎸Takahiro.K💫 @tkatsumi_e
Well, the actual reason I created this account was to initiate an open debate with my fellow federalists on peaceful use of nuclear energy.
🎸Takahiro.K💫 @tkatsumi_e
Though twitter does have its downside for having a prolonged debate I thought it'd be good for starting up a debate then move on to fb.
🎸Takahiro.K💫 @tkatsumi_e
And besides, it would keep my English up and running all the time ;)
🎸Takahiro.K💫 @tkatsumi_e
So I wrote a jp blog article about how I came to quit #WFM because I found out that WFM does not promote alternative sources of energy.
🎸Takahiro.K💫 @tkatsumi_e
May be that's not accurate; WFM does promote some alt energy but not so 'enthusiastic' about it. Why? Because of its half century old dogma.
The dogmatic principle of the Montreux Declaration
🎸Takahiro.K💫 @tkatsumi_e
In 1947 the world federalists adopted the Montreux Declaration that outlined six governing principles of the movement.
🎸Takahiro.K💫 @tkatsumi_e
One of the 6 principles was about "ownership and control of atomic development" that world federal government should have its sole control .
🎸Takahiro.K💫 @tkatsumi_e
This I don't disagree as irrelevant IF nuclear power is to remain a major and only source of energy in the coming century. But it's not.
Would nuclear power remain as the main source of energy?
🎸Takahiro.K💫 @tkatsumi_e
As Pres.Obama said it in his 2012 acceptance speech, even U.S. is unlikely to maintain its dependence on nuclear power.
Changes in U.S. Nuclear Policy
🎸Takahiro.K💫 @tkatsumi_e
And this shift in U.S. energy policy was prompted by the #Fukushima nuclear power plant accident that forced them to reconsider its reliance
🎸Takahiro.K💫 @tkatsumi_e
After 3-11, the NRC conducted an independent investigation into the causes of the Fukushima accident and they came up with recommendations.
🎸Takahiro.K💫 @tkatsumi_e
The NRC recommendations were followed by the review of its policy to authorize construction of new power plants.
🎸Takahiro.K💫 @tkatsumi_e
At the end of 2012, NRC decided to forego the decision to authorize the building of new npp and froze new projects in line with new policy.
🎸Takahiro.K💫 @tkatsumi_e
So the #Fukushima accident, this recommendation , and NRC's review prompted a great shift in U.S. energy policy.
How About Other Parts of the World?
🎸Takahiro.K💫 @tkatsumi_e
Before U.S. shifted we saw the Swiss announcing in IAEA that they will quit using nuclear power by 2030. (JP only)
🎸Takahiro.K💫 @tkatsumi_e
We also know one of the EU giants, Germany has already shifted toward alternative energy. And we also know France is moving away too.
🎸Takahiro.K💫 @tkatsumi_e
So is nuclear power really going to stay as a reliable and sustainable source of energy in the coming century? Not likely.
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WFM-IGP @worldfederalist 10/01/2013 23:39:12 WIB
This is Bill Pace for WFM trying to comment on Takahiro's discussion.
WFM-IGP @worldfederalist 10/01/2013 23:40:25 WIB
WFM's policies on nuclear energy and renewable energy are very different than Takahiro has stated.
🎸Takahiro.K💫 @tkatsumi_e 10/01/2013 23:41:46 WIB
worldfederalist Thank you Bill our very first comment. As long as we keep this discussion within this "story" framework the discussion will be very short of being 'public'. Please proceed with your comments.
WFM-IGP @worldfederalist 10/01/2013 23:42:38 WIB
Takahiro, i believe, completely misunderstood the 'nuclear policy' position in the Montreux Declaration. The goal was to control nuclear energy (atomic energy)and thus outlaw nuclear/atomic weapons.
WFM-IGP @worldfederalist 10/01/2013 23:45:29 WIB
Einstein, a 'founder' of WFM stated that until the human race found ways to outlaw nuclear weapons and war, he opposed the development of 'peaceful uses of nuclear energy' and most of WFM agreed with this.
WFM-IGP @worldfederalist 10/01/2013 23:46:59 WIB
however, the Nuclear Non-proliferation treaty was a historic achievement with which Takahiro apparently disagrees. WFM has strongly supported the NPT,
WFM-IGP @worldfederalist 10/01/2013 23:49:46 WIB
The nations afraid of world war III and nuclear war agreed to a tremendous bargain - the nations agreed not to allow the proliferation of nuclear weapons, but would be allowed to develop peaceful nuclear power facilities and...
WFM-IGP @worldfederalist 10/01/2013 23:51:02 WIB
the nuclear weapons nations agreed to disarm through establishing proper international controls - and to help enforce the non-proliferation and development of peaceful uses.
WFM-IGP @worldfederalist 10/01/2013 23:52:15 WIB
i think India, Pakistan, Israel and North Korea are the only 4 nations now outside of the NPT - and the IAEA and UN Security Council are making strong efforts to enforce NPT in Iran.
WFM-IGP @worldfederalist 10/01/2013 23:53:42 WIB
Any adjustment in WFM policy on nuclear energy development should carefully consider not undermining the NPT - which WFM believes should be greatly strengthened. However...
WFM-IGP @worldfederalist 10/01/2013 23:57:25 WIB
Takahiro's proposed resolution at the WFM meeting did not consider tis issue. The Fukushima catastrophe and decision of many to stop developing nuclear energy power plants makes a strong case for WFM considering all the issues involved ...
WFM-IGP @worldfederalist 10/01/2013 23:58:43 WIB
and interconnected, including: nuclear weapons and war, nuclear energy safety and expense, climate change, renewable energy replacement, and many more. To be continued...
🎸Takahiro.K💫 @tkatsumi_e 11/01/2013 00:26:22 WIB
worldfederalist Thank you for your detailed response thus far. I'm in complete agreement on what NPT stands for and its benefits. It's the downside we have to discuss on how IAEA under NPT has dealt with nuclear catastrophe in the past. TBC
🎸Takahiro.K💫 @tkatsumi_e 12/01/2013 00:32:24 WIB
worldfederalist BTW, Bill. I found out NOW that the Japanese old translation of Montreux Declaration is somewhat more 'simplified' that can be easily misinterpreted. If there was a half-a-century-old "lost in translation", I'm at loss of words.
🎸Takahiro.K💫 @tkatsumi_e 12/01/2013 00:39:52 WIB
worldfederalist If I retranslate the official Japanese language of principle #6, it would simply read as follows: "atomic power shall be only owned and controlled by the world federal government". Just that. This is the official language.
Fergus Watt @WFMCwatt 22/01/2013 05:13:15 WIB
When Canadian world federalists have discussed nuclear power issues, we have often opted to take no position on the issue. It is possible to be a world fed and come to opposite points of view on the desirability, or otherwise, of nuclear power.
Fergus Watt @WFMCwatt 22/01/2013 05:14:30 WIB
Some world feds, concerned about climate change, argue that it is a necessary part of the solution. Some others suggest that fossil fuels also cost lives (mining, deaths due to respiratory ailments from pollution, etc.).
Fergus Watt @WFMCwatt 22/01/2013 05:15:08 WIB
Some others say that energy choices are national decisions, and that a correct application of principle of subsidiarity would leave decision-making on energy supply options (including whether for or against nuke power) at the national level.
Fergus Watt @WFMCwatt 22/01/2013 05:16:33 WIB
My point is not to argue any of these positions; only to suggest that there are various reasons why world feds may not support a position strongly against nuclear power. We saw this range of views in response to Takahiro’s proposed resolution.
Fergus Watt @WFMCwatt 22/01/2013 05:17:05 WIB
World federalists do not presently have a “doctrine of promotion of peaceful uses of nuclear power.” We have a range of views, some that are tolerant of nuclear power, but none that is explicitly in favour of nuclear power promotion.
Fergus Watt @WFMCwatt 22/01/2013 05:21:32 WIB
The exception is the NPT which, as Bill Pace points out, we strongly support, to address the global security threat posed by nuclear weapons. The NPT enshrines a bargain that includes regulation (and arguably promotion) of nuclear power.
Fergus Watt @WFMCwatt 22/01/2013 05:21:56 WIB
This could be argued as an example of WFM’s support for nuclear power; however, as mentioned, it is the nuclear weapons imperative that underlies our support for the NPT.
Fergus Watt @WFMCwatt 22/01/2013 05:22:58 WIB
I think we will soon come to the point in global politics where middle powers will become so frustrated with insufficient action by nuclear weapons states that new diplomatic possibilities will open.
Fergus Watt @WFMCwatt 22/01/2013 05:30:59 WIB
Upcoming Oslo conf’ce on human’n dimension of NW is an example of frustration with slow progress on NPT Article 6 – NW dis’t. Whether this eventually leads to a stronger NPT, or toward new instruments remains to be seen. Fergus Watt WFM - Canada
🎸Takahiro.K💫 @tkatsumi_e 22/01/2013 07:47:39 WIB
WFMCwatt Thank you! Having WFM-IGP ExecDirector and WFM Policy Review Commitee Chair comment as first two commentator is somewhat thrilling and exciting. I'm still not making any judgment but continue to 'listen' to what other friends have to say :)
🎸Takahiro.K💫 @tkatsumi_e 22/01/2013 07:50:15 WIB
In a way, you all are holding the "talking stick". In the African method of peaceful dialogue I learned in GAMIP, the one holds the "stick" MUST speak, the one who doesn't MUST listen, without interrupting :)
🎸Takahiro.K💫 @tkatsumi_e 22/01/2013 07:52:46 WIB
So I welcome others to join in and "speak" your mind freely if you will. This environment surprisingly aren't used much by English-speaking people. So we have very few audiences even while pv's reaching 600s.
Tony Fleming @tonyfleming 22/01/2013 19:55:49 WIB
@tkatsumi_e - I led the final push in 2007 for WFM to adopt new Statutes. Yet in 2008, the new bylaws put forward by my committee was summarily rejected.
Tony Fleming @tonyfleming 22/01/2013 19:56:00 WIB
It took 5 years of continued and frustrating engagement to reform and modernize WFM governance.
Tony Fleming @tonyfleming 22/01/2013 19:56:44 WIB
During this period, we also saw a new generation of WFM leaders take their seats, who will likewise reform and modernize our view on nuclear power and other issues. (Please! no more resolutions on a world currency or league of democracies!)
Tony Fleming @tonyfleming 22/01/2013 20:00:27 WIB
But if you walk away from the table as too many good people have over the decades, we'll be stuck with those who still live in 1947. It is perhaps you that can best answer your own questions, through engagement and action.
💫T.Katsumi🎸 @tkatsumi06j 22/01/2013 20:16:30 WIB
tonyfleming Sorry to interrupt: In relation to your resolutions, wonderful news from EU Comission. Allow me to share it with all of you.
💫T.Katsumi🎸 @tkatsumi06j 22/01/2013 20:16:38 WIB
The European Council of Financial Ministers have just authorized the advance introduction of Financial Transaction Tax in 11 EU contiries!
💫T.Katsumi🎸 @tkatsumi06j 22/01/2013 20:20:35 WIB
So I think the WFM Japan proposal to promote FTT has now become half-reality in at least 11 EU states. This gotta shake the WFM community!
💫T.Katsumi🎸 @tkatsumi06j 22/01/2013 20:22:46 WIB
tonyfleming Okay, enough interruption. Please continue if you continuing :)
Tony Fleming @tonyfleming 22/01/2013 21:05:37 WIB
@tkatsumi06j it will shake up WFM only if governance leaders get off 1947 motivations and modernize, plus raise funds for staffing and programming.
🎸Takahiro.K💫 @tkatsumi_e 22/01/2013 21:21:44 WIB
[c11057] Tony, you seemed to have a bit different attitude towards the '47 dogma (I call it) from previous two commentators--which is more similar to mine. Could you elaborate on what you mean by "1947 motivations"?
🎸Takahiro.K💫 @tkatsumi_e 22/01/2013 21:26:11 WIB
[c11057] And just for checking: When you address me you seem to be tweeting publicly. Is that your intent or you are unintentionally making it public by not taking the check off the twitter symbol? Just checking.
🎸Takahiro.K💫 @tkatsumi_e 23/01/2013 12:15:50 WIB
People watching this dialogue, you can click on the thumbs-up button to support a specific writer's comment. Please feel free to do so! It's one way to participate ;)
WFM-IGP @worldfederalist 25/01/2013 00:47:44 WIB
bill here again. i had a very interesting meeting here in NY with some peace group leaders who said they are struggling both internally and externally with the exact issue Takahiro has raised in WFM -
WFM-IGP @worldfederalist 25/01/2013 00:49:49 WIB
and have been for a long time it seems - for there are strong differences internally and externally on the issue of peaceful uses of nuclear energy. these peace groups are equally and strongly committed to the NPT ..
WFM-IGP @worldfederalist 25/01/2013 00:51:21 WIB
as the foundation of nuclear disarmament strategies. Takahiro, i think your fixation on some of us being captured by our 1947 constitution is completely inaccurate
WFM-IGP @worldfederalist 25/01/2013 00:52:36 WIB
i believe, yes, WFM (our name alone has changed 5-6 times in the last 6 decades) is committed to preventing WWIII with nuclear weapons and now other horrific weapons of mass destruction - and yes
WFM-IGP @worldfederalist 25/01/2013 00:53:57 WIB
most of our members believe this danger remains paramount - but our movement has wandered far and wide in seeking different strategies and policies and programs - and today from ICC to FTT to UNPA we continue
WFM-IGP @worldfederalist 25/01/2013 00:55:17 WIB
to seek different paths to peace. with the peace group leaders I committed WFM to assist in the discussion on how to find this crucial compromise and bridge for those who disagree on nuclear energy as a
WFM-IGP @worldfederalist 25/01/2013 00:56:09 WIB
acceptable or unacceptable source of electrical power. But, the peace groups should define the dilemma and not let our opponents do so.
WFM-IGP @worldfederalist 25/01/2013 00:57:18 WIB
finally today, i was reading the Third World Network articles on the NAM summit last September, and i very, very strongly caution WFM and other peace and environmental defenders to be extremely strategic and
WFM-IGP @worldfederalist 25/01/2013 00:58:35 WIB
careful in criticizing the 1963 NPT bargain - many in the global South will see activists from countries who possess or are protected by nuclear weapons saying we should give up on the peaceful uses bargain
WFM-IGP @worldfederalist 25/01/2013 00:59:39 WIB
mostly in the North - and they will react very bitterly and politically. Shooting ourselves in the foot in ways that makes both the peace and environment agendas harder to achieve is not a good strategy
WFM-IGP @worldfederalist 25/01/2013 01:01:26 WIB
so my fervent hope is that we continue the discussion - but proceeding with deep respect for our very dangerous global situation and knowing that quiet and effective strategy and principles must prevail
Tony Fleming @tonyfleming 25/01/2013 05:57:26 WIB
Bill's points are exactly right regarding WFM's strategic positioning, and I continue to learn from his explanations. I often find too much governance discussions taken up
Tony Fleming @tonyfleming 25/01/2013 05:58:21 WIB
by references to, as you put it, the 1947 dogma. That often frustrates me, but I need to learn its not an obstacle, just a frame through which others view our work.
Tony Fleming @tonyfleming 25/01/2013 06:02:33 WIB
We can amend or update our positions, while honoring the spirit of our previous declarations.
Tony Fleming @tonyfleming 25/01/2013 06:03:31 WIB
However, I stand by my earlier comment that those calling for new programs or positions need to also consider any staffing or expenses involved to achieve them.
Tony Fleming @tonyfleming 25/01/2013 06:17:02 WIB
Beyond this, I agree our position should remain in support of the NPT as the foundation for global disarmament, with further summits and declarations clarifying (not replacing) its broad parameters.
Tony Fleming @tonyfleming 25/01/2013 06:18:07 WIB
or at least clarifying the interpretation of its parameters in creative but still supportive ways.
Tony Fleming @tonyfleming 25/01/2013 06:24:47 WIB
I also second Fergus' note that, other than our support for the NPT, our movement holds diverse views otherwise on nuclear power. I favor it as a bridge between fossil fuels and improved solar/wind sources.
Tony Fleming @tonyfleming 25/01/2013 06:33:28 WIB
I believe we will not have a world federal government as envisioned in 1947, nor disarmament as envisioned by the letter of the NPT or our Montreux declaration. Both will be more nuanced and better than you and I now envision.
Tony Fleming @tonyfleming 25/01/2013 06:33:44 WIB
We will not have a world federal govt as envisioned in 1947 nor disarmament as envisioned by the letter of the NPT or our Montreux declaration. Both will be more nuanced, better than you & I now imagine.
Tony Fleming @tonyfleming 25/01/2013 06:37:40 WIB
I suggest we consider the NPT "a standard to which the wise and the honest can repair."
🎸Takahiro.K💫 @tkatsumi_e 27/01/2013 10:17:19 WIB
I'm so grateful to see the three of top #WFM leaders discussing openly and constructively on this matter.
🎸Takahiro.K💫 @tkatsumi_e 27/01/2013 10:17:43 WIB
Through this dialogue I hope to see the convergence of pro-NPT and anti-nuclear power ideas so we can strike a more definite balance between the two.
🎸Takahiro.K💫 @tkatsumi_e 27/01/2013 10:18:50 WIB
As world federalists, none of us are against the prohibition of nuclear weapons and establishment of a global control over 'any form' of nuclear development.
🎸Takahiro.K💫 @tkatsumi_e 27/01/2013 10:20:26 WIB
I believe, if we are to abide by the principles of the Montreux Principles, we ought to strive to promote and establish a better way to administer and control nuclear development of all forms.
🎸Takahiro.K💫 @tkatsumi_e 27/01/2013 10:22:39 WIB
Until now, all until Fukushima, I think the application of principles was leaning too much towards governance of nuclear weapons and not so much of nuclear power generation, or peaceful use of nuclear power.
🎸Takahiro.K💫 @tkatsumi_e 27/01/2013 10:25:01 WIB
I want that to change, at least after suffering from three major nuclear accidents that have changed the lifes of all form of organisms accross the globe. We have to come face to face with the changed reality.
🎸Takahiro.K💫 @tkatsumi_e 27/01/2013 10:27:31 WIB
Until Fukukshima, I thought WFM was forces of change, establishing ICC, promoting UNPA, struggling with climate change, democratizing UN. But nuclear power was something left untouched. I wanted to change that.
🎸Takahiro.K💫 @tkatsumi_e 27/01/2013 10:31:56 WIB
So I'm grateful to find three of the top #WFM leaders now discussing openly on the possibility of advancing our #nuclear policy so we can shift more towards a comprehensive governance of all forms of nuclear development.
🎸Takahiro.K💫 @tkatsumi_e 27/01/2013 10:32:29 WIB
So let' continue our dialogue. Shall we? We need more participants please ;)
🎸Takahiro.K💫 @tkatsumi_e 28/01/2013 02:19:24 WIB
I've received some comments from Peter Davidse on Facebook as well so I will re-post it here on his behalf following this post:
🎸Takahiro.K💫 @tkatsumi_e 28/01/2013 02:20:21 WIB
Peter: Nuclear energy is natural fuel of the sun and other celestial bodies. The new ITER research is promising.
🎸Takahiro.K💫 @tkatsumi_e 28/01/2013 02:20:38 WIB
Peter: When I wrote my master thesis on an additional basic income distributed by the UNITED NATIONS, the originater had stated: when humanity comes together, then fusion energy will be able to power.
🎸Takahiro.K💫 @tkatsumi_e 28/01/2013 02:20:58 WIB
Peter: As long as we live with nuclear energy based on bombarding and seperation, this will reflect in the global society and not build a community. The idea of this extra basic income for all has been adopted by WFM in the council meeting in Prague.
🎸Takahiro.K💫 @tkatsumi_e 28/01/2013 02:21:09 WIB
Peter: James Arputharaj was so kind to join me in wanting to carry this further. The present WFM stratigy is not at all concentrating on economic and social solidarity, the only programmatic focus is centered around war, peace and justice issues.
🎸Takahiro.K💫 @tkatsumi_e 28/01/2013 02:22:12 WIB
Peter: The present WFM stratigy is not at all concentrating on economic and social solidarity, the only programmatic focus is centered around war, peace and justice issues. (end)
🎸Takahiro.K💫 @tkatsumi_e 28/01/2013 02:28:44 WIB
Now this is getting even interesting any thoughts on what Peter Davidse has pointed out friends? And we have over 1200 PVs on this discussion. The attention is building up!
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