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Big Mama @kissmy_me

@Norman_Freeman_ Lmao this man needs to be stopped 😭😭😭

02/10/2019 18:55:48 WIB
Ben 10 @PonchoThames

The man has some gems I could legit quote him for a week and they all would hit home.

02/10/2019 18:55:48 WIB
єℓℓ @KHUHNO_

Di man guro ko mamatay aning ika usa ra mukaon sa usa ka adlaw sa?

02/10/2019 18:55:47 WIB
April Winkler-Hillie @Aprilwh31

Manhunt underway near popular Upstate NY hiking area for man who may have killed wife…

02/10/2019 18:55:47 WIB
Rejoice❤️ @rejoice_000

@Godscreation0 Honestly man, you have a small child. Please buy hand soap for your guests too.

02/10/2019 18:55:47 WIB
Okafor Livinus @Official_Kis

@ugbakaEmmanuel A girl won't know what to do with that cash and other goodies.. Biko to a Man, na we marry women no be the other way #TeamFrodd #BBNaija

02/10/2019 18:55:46 WIB
Rose @siebadd

I don’t want a man who believes that value and worth comes from how much or how little I choose to show. So whatever man he talking about, no one wants his judgmental, misogynistic ass ANYWAY 🤷🏽‍♀️😘…

02/10/2019 18:55:46 WIB
14Annette Dodson @adodson14

@GeraldoRivera You re a sad, pathetic, washed-up little man who needs help. I hope you don't have children or grandchildren listening to you saying you want to beat up a citizen who is doing the right thing exposing a corrupt president. Shame on you!

02/10/2019 18:55:46 WIB
liv @sunnyhannie

wooyoung’s blonde undercut is the handsomest thing a man has ever done

02/10/2019 18:55:46 WIB
Steve Kasmire @baroquendmzz

@AJPharoah Does he have a sing-song refrain as he goes? Does the village not have a latrine? Has a folk horror mythology grown up around said Man, that Morris men dance with small black bags around their shins? These are but a few questions immediately springing to mind

02/10/2019 18:55:46 WIB
Dr. K.B. Mishra (MSc, PhD) @kbmishra

@diavjunat @BJP4India @mlkhattar @nitin_gadkari @INCIndia @INCHaryana @TOIGurgaon @HTGurgaon @ndtv @TimesNow Keep blocking roads, better at every weekend if they don't remove tolls. Height of loot by @mlkhattar and his currupted team, @PMOIndia , this going beyond tolerance limit of a common man.

02/10/2019 18:55:45 WIB
James Dickinson @misterdickinson

Not the first time she’s had a blond man in her mouth etc etc…

02/10/2019 18:55:45 WIB
ℭ’ 𝔐𝔲𝔯𝔡𝔞 @IriexClari

I'm not for hitting your man but they does deserve it sometimes

02/10/2019 18:55:45 WIB
gumelgguf @fugglemug2

fuck man coffee is something like something idk coffee, it taste like shit but something, you know, I don't wanna fall asleep or you know, yea coffee.... uh yea caffeine and yea just coffee or some shit something like the coffee man god damn coffee I got 5 hours of sleep fuck you

02/10/2019 18:55:45 WIB
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