BB @BBF0RU_0209
@Bokeh_Lights 아닠ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ아ㅣㄴ 온니 진짜 나 어뜨케 우리반 다 본문 딸딸 외웠데 나만 안외운듯
[동결❄️] 💋 ⎊ 𝔹𝕠𝕜𝕖𝕙 ⎊ 💋😷 @Bokeh_Lights
아아 ㅜㅜ 이메레스 예쁜 게 많아서 다 그리고 싶어 ㅜㅜ
Harish Krishnan @_harish_krishna
@binary_aaron I love the bokeh! If you have lengthier version of the video share it!
dedenajah345 @dedenajah345
Chirpified: Apk VidHot Aplikasi Bokeh Video Full HD Terbaru 2019 chirpstory.com/li/448542
ZonZon❄️ @Bokeh_Zon
Airpod ยังไม่มี นี่ต้องซื้อเคสไว้ก่อนจิงดิ๊ //เอากะเอาวะ
yodapeach🍑 (·•︠‿•︡ ) @kamupeach61
ขายสโลแกนซึงยอน บ้าน @.BOKEH_CSY ของครบ 450฿ ค่าส่ง 40/60 #ตลาดนัดX1 pic.twitter.com/eyY3QEoFVT
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ZonZon❄️ @Bokeh_Zon
ตารางคัมเดือน ตค //พนมมือแร้วกรุ 😭
Diario Noticias Web @DiarioNoticiaI
El clip promocional muestra que los usuarios del Samsung Galaxy Note 10 pueden aplicar el efecto ‘bokeh’ a sus videos, una característica de la que carece el nuevo celular de Apple, el iPhone 11. diarionoticiasweb.com/samsung-se-bur…
Mido🐥 @mido3bitte
@BarrySarling great shot Barry, nice bokeh background ☺️
True Lens Services @WeAreTLS
Great to see #CineMechanics loving the swirly #bokeh and full frame coverage of their TLS Petzval primes! pic.twitter.com/nivekZ92nn
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Lava Mobiles @LavaMobile
Now focus on the things that matter & see how good your portraits will look even before you click! Steal the spotlight with the Real-time Bokeh Mode of the #Lava Z51. Know more about it here: bit.ly/2XqJ7kz #CantTakeYourEyesOff #ProudlyIndian pic.twitter.com/4V0Ogop0Pa
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mra style @Mahesh88732047
The vivoY91 has a super-clear 13MP main rear camera, and a 2MP secondary rear camera Combined with power to rival even professional-grade bokeh shots. #Vivo #vivoy91 #vivoindia pic.twitter.com/RhlYRduVsg
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