"Bikin Nangis... Kakinya Patah, Tubuh dan Kepalanya Terluka Parah" Video Gajah Tertabrak Kereta Buktikan Infrastruktur Tak Seharusnya Dibangun Sembarangan

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Parveen Kaswan, IFS @ParveenKaswan

Tragic. I was with DFO Gorumara yesterday. All I can say is the FD team reached location on time, area was cordoned, provided medical help to him. 4 khunkis were also moved for support. We don't know about internal injury. A team stayed near him in night also. Hope for best. twitter.com/rathinbarman/s…

28/09/2019 11:40:53 WIB
Aditya Panda @AdityaPanda

If you're shocked by this video, you need to know that this happens almost every other day somewhere in India. This is what endless growth based development looks like. We can't keep building infrastructure everywhere. Humans are earth's greatest pathogen, worst invasive species. pic.twitter.com/HxR7L7v40H

28/09/2019 12:23:01 WIB
Nishu Kaul @kaulnishu87

@AdityaPanda How sad that people chose to click photographs/videos than offer urgent medical aid to the elephant in pain! Wish our mind was designed to care and value the life of all forms on earth!

28/09/2019 12:33:16 WIB
Aditya Panda @AdityaPanda

@kaulnishu87 What first aid could anyone give to a wild elephant without getting killed? Thanks to the video, at least the public at large will know and feel what infrastructure in wildlife habitat does. The local Forest Department is doing all it can. Chances of survival look slim, though.

28/09/2019 12:36:30 WIB
Aditya Panda @AdityaPanda

@imnazeeb98 @dipika_bajpai By making ourselves aware, making wildlife conservation a major public concern, voting governments that care about conservation and holding the government and bureaucracy accountable as enlightened, proactive citizens.

28/09/2019 12:39:42 WIB
Arun @arun8787

@AdityaPanda @imnazeeb98 @dipika_bajpai Haven't seen a single government care about conservation

28/09/2019 13:08:30 WIB
Sharone Rex @sharonerex

@AdityaPanda At least govt should implement certain speed restrictions when traveling through forest area to avoid these sort of accidents.

28/09/2019 15:36:40 WIB
Aditya Panda @AdityaPanda

@sharonerex Forest departments routinely plead with Railways and recommend speed restrictions besides giving early warning. Railways flout them.

28/09/2019 15:40:18 WIB
Sharone Rex @sharonerex

@AdityaPanda Let's hope that they will take action at least after this.. 1) Forest Dept should note down and suggest particular timings to avoid train running. 2) Train speed restrictions have to be implemented for forest areas

28/09/2019 15:46:52 WIB
Nishu Kaul @kaulnishu87

@taqumar @AdityaPanda I agree with him too. I was carried away by the video and thought it was one such case where the victims are left to their own. I see that action is being taken. What is the solution? Should/Can railways provide for veterinary doctors with medical aid at least on such routes?

28/09/2019 15:53:13 WIB
Ajit Appachu @ajitapachu

@AdityaPanda @mfuloria This is so unbearable to watch 😭 . I like the word pathogen. Exactly the word, we are. Can we not make trenches as temp solution?

28/09/2019 17:48:01 WIB
Aditya Panda @AdityaPanda

@ajitapachu @mfuloria Elephants need to move. They need to migrate and wander over large distances. If our mitigation measures restrict elephant movement we are defeating the purpose. Providing free and safe passage to them is the only solution.

28/09/2019 17:52:18 WIB
Ajit Appachu @ajitapachu

@AdityaPanda @mfuloria I know they have to move. But we are trying to outweigh life over death right? Then only option is, to take out all the railway tracks that trespasses their habitats.

28/09/2019 17:56:14 WIB
yasu @Bombay_B0Y

@kaulnishu87 @taqumar @AdityaPanda I guess there is only one solution as animals have a path they walk their whole life, we can build bridges like every other country in the world.

28/09/2019 18:31:24 WIB
Aditya Panda @AdityaPanda

The elephant died today. The WB Forest Department did the best they could've done.

28/09/2019 21:33:02 WIB
Chris Sullivan @solle1999

@AdityaPanda Shudda put him down on site alot of pain .

28/09/2019 21:37:00 WIB
Sudipta Ranjan Das @i_srd

@AdityaPanda Tragic, but will this ever stop, are we doing any thing to stop this, I guess no. Railway /Highways should stay away from forest.

28/09/2019 21:40:09 WIB
Polly Myalgia MD @Polly_Myalgia

@AdityaPanda That video was the worst thing I've seen in a long time. It's absolutely crushing. I hope it was heavily sedated, because the possibility that this majestic beast might have suffered through the night before finally succumbing is painful.

28/09/2019 22:39:38 WIB
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