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Black Twitter Roasts #ThatChicken and Unites the World

I believe @ReignOfApril and @The_BKC started this one (see? it's not always me at ALL). By posting @GOPBlackChick's horrible #StruggleChicken, wherein she laments why she doesn't have a husband when she cooks "like this," Black Twitter launched into an epic roast of #ThatChicken (a hashtag). But in a wave of humanitarian technological beauty, #ThatChickenRead More
Jaeda Laurez @DarthJaeda

@carolynedgar #thatchicken looks like Christina Milian in the Dip It Low video. No ma'am.

05/01/2013 07:38:07 WIB
Carolyn Edgar @carolynedgar

#thatchicken apparently was a registered Democrat before meeting its end in #thatpan.

05/01/2013 07:42:17 WIB
Tayari Jones @tayari

@JustineLavaworm @carolynedgar I don't see #thatchicken on her TL. But I do see her saying that she wld be barefoot & pregs for a man.

05/01/2013 07:46:26 WIB
Carolyn Edgar @carolynedgar

If #thatchicken is a hoax, I can't think of a better person for it to happen to. That woman is vile.

05/01/2013 07:46:54 WIB
Tara Turk-Haynes @ttarahaynes

@carolynedgar #thatchicken has helped my 2013 diet plan for sure. I'll have water.

05/01/2013 07:47:21 WIB
Kashy @cherishmoi

#thatchicken look like she found it molding in the dumpster picked it up & popped it in the oven right quick. She tryna poison mf's out chea

05/01/2013 07:47:27 WIB
Jazzmen Watson @jazzmen_k

I can't get over #ThatChicken! It should be illegal to do that to a piece of meat.

05/01/2013 07:52:30 WIB
raven&oriole enthusiast @baltimore_lili

#thatchicken's cause of death is suspect because it's been murdered twice.

05/01/2013 08:05:51 WIB
Jazzmen Watson @jazzmen_k

@dennisthecynic LOL! I can't believe she had the audacity to put that online. #thatchicken #nawl

05/01/2013 08:10:13 WIB
jujoffer @jujoffer

whomever eats #thatchicken is going to star in Contagion 2

05/01/2013 08:10:51 WIB
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