christian @acceleste_
@GotemChief U ain’t alone. It’s dope when it goes back a chapter or two cause you can kinda change your actions and see a new story line unfold.
Jayde @MsJaydeT
The best NXT champions of all time and two amazing people who helped get NXT to where it is today! Can’t wait for this new chapter in NXT history!! ❤️❤️❤️ #WeAreNXT pic.twitter.com/11D32dEpqS
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Sheck Dyl @The_LifeOfDylan
Looking ahead to next weekend on #ChartingWithDyl it appears "hustlers" could be on pace to leap from "It Chapter Two" and contend with one of the three new releases for the top spot! twitter.com/boxofficemojo/…
vero💭 #WeLoveYouJonghyun @babiewonsik
guess who is watching it chapter two again today, that's right it's me
king daddydede @slamdancingfool
Thinking a lot about It Chapter Two Richie Tozier so what
Dan @DanR68696972
Was watching IT chapter two. That clown is Jane arse
Morris Theatre Coop @MorrisMNTheatre
Only two more chances to see IT CHAPTER TWO before the schedule changes, tonight, Wednesday 18th September, and tomorrow, Thursday 19th September. Screening begins at 7pm both nights. #ITChapterTwo PG-13, 2 hours 49 minutes. imdb.com/title/tt7349950
Phil Mannino @Philosophsaurus
I didn’t think It Chapter two was that scary, but I’ve had nightmares about It every night since I’ve seen it #ITChapterTwo
amy ♡ @molksik
Taking this human sexual behavior class has been so eye opening for me bc we literally had a chapter on gender identity and it’s really made me understand better that there truly isn’t just two genders
Gerrit Jan Knol @GerritKnol
Zometeen kijken naar IT: Chapter two
We Got This Covered @wgtc_site
Bill Skarsgard Had Pennywise Nightmares After Filming It: Chapter Two - bit.ly/30sqD3N #ItChapterTwo pic.twitter.com/P8PnuQR3mP
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Melanie @plasticwerewolf
@PatBlack9 I still need to see IT Chapter Two. I thought Get Out was wonderful. As for Hereditary, Midsommar and US - even if the stories don't work for you, they are very well shot.
Nina @HuntingHayes
Got bored of doing my assignment so I went across the road to the cute independent movie theatre and took myself on a movie date to see IT Chapter Two. Brilliant film...but more than that it was wonderful to spend time on my own and just be somewhere else mentally for a bit 🎈 pic.twitter.com/Fu88QDZu4v
i just saw it chapter two and i’m devastated
Tessa @tessagiandra
Walaupun ada Jessica dan James tapi Bill Hader adalah aktor yang paling standout di IT Chapter Two. Dia buat saya nangis di adegan YANG ITUUU, A+++ acting 😭😭😭😭
Hishigi l For ΣG @Wonny4TW
It: Chapter Two (Andy Muschietti, 2019): I really want to love it, I really do. 'Cause I hold its prequel and those young talents so dear, and it got everything; spot-on casting, flourishing visual, faithful (enough) approach. Basically everything but the magic that once worked. pic.twitter.com/PqQMmXsH7N
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Celebrity Living @LivingCelebrity
IT CHAPTER 2 Final Trailer (NEW 2019) Stephen King Pennywise Horror Movie HD - celebrityliving.net/it-chapter-2-f… CHAPTER 2 Final Trailer (NEW 2019) Stephen King Pennywise Horror Movie HD final trailer for It chapter 2. pic.twitter.com/ZS7abpvmXk
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professor denbrough @lTCHAPTERTWO
okay so do i go watch it chapter two for the fourth time today or not
The SLS Cast @TheSLSCast
Episode 348: Terrence Malick Would’ve Shown the Space Turtle // Copycat Throwdown: 'IT Chapter Two' (2019) vs 'It: Part Two' (1990) // SLSCast.com #ITChapterTwo #It1990 #CopycatThrowdown podbean.com/eu/pb-uh2ry-be…
Immaculate Mbaezue @IMbaezue
IT Chapter Two grossed an estimated $3.32M on Tuesday. 12-Day total stands at $158.23M. #ITChapterTwo #BoxOffice @wbpictures @newlinecinema @ITMovieOfficial
Iris Pricille @iriseyyyy
Sabrina @cabelloswift9
Louca pra matar minha curiosidade de it: chapter two mas tô com preguiça
Public opinion @dntfolome
@ISU_Figure @Sunnydays180 You two are wonderful, an absolute pleasure to watch but as they say, change is the only constant and you have both decided it's time to move on. Have a terrific final tour and I wish you both all the best in the next chapter of your lives. #VirtureMoir @tessavirtue @ScottMoir
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