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Sweet Jesus Please Let This Be the Last #GOPDebate Thank You Amen

Make it stop. Somebody. For the love of whatever. -ABLxx
Minna Hong @asiangrrlMN

FOUR MEN ENTER THE RING! ONLY ONE WILL EXIT! Or four, but you know, ominous tones.

23/02/2012 08:02:31 WIB
The Zandarlorian, Season 2 @ZandarVTS


23/02/2012 08:03:01 WIB
Joshua Holland 🔥 @JoshuaHol

In my head, I hear Darth Vader's theme-music.

23/02/2012 08:05:22 WIB
🍁Imani Gandied Yams🍁 @AngryBlackLady

Why is CNN giving Arizona a reach-around? “Frontline in the war on immigration. State. People live there. Starts with ‘A’.” #CNNDebate

23/02/2012 08:02:53 WIB
emokidsloveme @emokidsloveme

They should have played a tape of Whitney Houston. #CNNdebate

23/02/2012 08:05:59 WIB
alexwagner @alexwagner

People in downtown Mesa, AZ are apparently tailgating this debate. I don't know what to make of that.

23/02/2012 08:03:36 WIB
🍁Imani Gandied Yams🍁 @AngryBlackLady

Ron Paul is The Defender of the Constitution. The lesser known character in The Incredibles. #CNNDebate

23/02/2012 08:07:30 WIB
The Zandarlorian, Season 2 @ZandarVTS

Ron Paul, playing Defender. Rick Santorum at Right Cross (positive). Mitt Romney at Sap. And Newt Gingrich at Penguin.

23/02/2012 08:08:12 WIB
Pasta Melville @TPPratt

I am not sure if Ricky Santorum should use the word bottom when he speaks.

23/02/2012 08:07:58 WIB
Joshua Holland 🔥 @JoshuaHol

Oh, good, Santorum's talking bottom-up solutions. #WriteYourOwnJoke

23/02/2012 08:08:15 WIB
🍁Imani Gandied Yams🍁 @AngryBlackLady

It’s so cute that Santorum thinks he might actually be POTUS. PFFFFFFT. Say it with me. PFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFT. #CNNDebate

23/02/2012 08:09:37 WIB
🍁Imani Gandied Yams🍁 @AngryBlackLady

Wow. Newt. That was pathetic. Bowing to a Saudi King? Pfft. Didn’t Dubya make out with one? #CNNDebate

23/02/2012 08:08:58 WIB
Joshua Holland 🔥 @JoshuaHol

Newt: It was OK when bush made out with the Saudi Prince, but bowing?

23/02/2012 08:09:07 WIB
Shoq Georgia @Shoq

Once a bad lie, always a bad lie. #theNewNormal RT @speechboy71: Bowing to Saudi King . . . it never gets old or true

23/02/2012 08:09:39 WIB
Pasta Melville @TPPratt

Newt's plan for cheaper gas only works if he finds oil that can be pumped at his lunar bases.

23/02/2012 08:10:18 WIB
Minna Hong @asiangrrlMN

I'm slipping already. I fucking hate Santorum.

23/02/2012 08:10:53 WIB
🍁Imani Gandied Yams🍁 @AngryBlackLady

These clowns are going to battle to see who hates women more. I’m going to fax a scan of my uterus to Frothman. WHO’S WITH ME?! #CNNDebate

23/02/2012 08:12:21 WIB
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newcenturywoman @newcenturywoman 23/02/2012 13:01:49 WIB
GREAT SUMMATION! I didn't watch the debate. Glad you all did it for me. It sounds like everything I feared I see/hear but was afraid to watch. Great job! Hilarious comments. :D