Beberapa Tipe Android

Google Computer ANDROID
Gregory Farnum @gregsfortytwo
Uber app/Android vocalization turns “West Cesar E Chavez St” into “West Cesar East Chavez” street 😂
Mohsin Yazdani @mohsinyazdanii
@MadhavSheth1 Why realme C2 2019 is out of Android 10 no any Android update All phone are under rs 6000 which got Android update. Redmi 4A marshmallow to Nougat Redmi 5A nougat to oreo Redmi 6A oreo to pie Google it i you don't believe me. Even your realme C1 got updated 1/2
Used Vehicle Sales USA @Vehicle_Deals
For Samsung Galaxy A50 Case Blue Bumper Rugged Shockproof Armor Women Girls Boys #samsung #galaxy #android
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FBC Farwell @FBCFarwell
We have added a new devotional to our app, written by one of our students. Check it out by downloading our app: Apple Devices: Android Devices:
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Harlequins Fan App @HarlequinsFCFan
@frazersnow Thanks for following us! The app is now live on iOS at & Android at!
ShedRACK🔇🔈🔉🔊 @Shedrack_Lamar
CAN I DM ? ***gather's morale* You DM and start waiting for a reply, meanwhile she has snubbed you because of Twitter for Android.
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'); DROP Ţ̸͓̠̼͖̖̆ͫ̑̒̿ͪ͞A̐͏̠̫͔̰̖ͅͅB̉͌͒̈LE name; -- @fardarter
@AdamRackis @freezydorito Are you sure the demographics of those users is poor people tho? In South Africa, we have abut 4% IE users, but unless you have to support our corporate IE it's almost nobody as people with low end feature phones have Android devices.
Waseem Lakhani @waslakhani
@priusCSGO I want to go back to android but I’m locked in 😂
Someone @Rubikzzzz
@YTSunnys Idk if you have android but this works for me
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germery @smoaksqueen
the quality of his can’s video questionable no way that’s an iPhone, he gotta be using demet’s android
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J @jacobleechh
@eviltwin_ Ma’am you’re tweeting from your android
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Jeff M @jeffsimulator
All of these were iconic in their own way. I couldnt even tell you the last 5 bland Android phones I've cycled through this decade, none of them really stood out or had any identity.
Sociology HHC @SociologyHhc
😬😬🙄People in liberal arts are among the worst-paid professionals in UK via


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