Metropolitan Films @Metropolitan_Fr
#CONCOURS Gagnez vos places pour l'avant première de Rambo: Last Blood, le dimanche 22 septembre à 21h au Grand Rex (PARIS)! Pour cela: -Likez la publication. -Taguez un ami. Tirage au sort le 20 septembre ! Bonne chance à tous!! pic.twitter.com/FNCr0Ize37
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Richard Beaters @DanLindstrom11
@Jake_Vig Rambo Last Blood........spoiler, it's in his stool.
The Voice of Reason @I20Eric
@FalconNatorHD @JazzyJeffRealT1 Wow. That was great. I do think it's stupid that they have pretty much done another Taken, but named in Rambo: Last Blood. 🙄
Joseph 🐧 @josephj
@loneargos 2 higher priorities for me are 'Rambo: Last Blood' and 'Ford v. Ferrari' I will probably also see Joker but maybe not as soon as it releases. Also really excited for 'Top Gun: Maverick' but that won't be out for almost another year.
Antonio Genna @antoniogenna
Il mondo dei doppiatori 2.0 #407 — CineAnteprima: Rambo: Last Blood — Spazio critico: Il mostro di St. Pauli — Voci dal Forum: It: Capitolo Due pic.twitter.com/yTAO5O0xco
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