(Endingnya Mengecewakan) Akhir Kisah Sugar Daddy Bayar Pakai Iphone 11 Terciduk Anaknya Sendiri

Yang penasaran endingnya...
Sugar Daddy teciduk anak FUN ending awesome
Waiting for the update. Who’s with me? pic.twitter.com/wpljvefNgQ
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Biofeelia 2.0 @bjorkasmr
To anyone asking for an update, he said he would buy me an iPhone to stay quiet... 🤦‍♂️ twitter.com/bjorkasmr/stat…
Carl Gallagher @Loud_Cloudzz
@bjorkasmr Nahhh he gone have to buy ALL of us and iPhone
kaye @kayyata
@bjorkasmr THERES NO QUIET ANYMORE SIS ITS ALREADY ON TWITTER 🤦🏻‍♀️ pic.twitter.com/IkEGfDeVzy
Aeesha @Nawti_saint
@bjorkasmr He’s gonna have to buy us all an iPhone if he wants us to stay quiet too.
Mabella 🇳🇬 @JMabella_
@bjorkasmr I've been waiting for updates for Hours and come text this?... Am I a joke to you? Nah.... Your dad's buying IPhone for all of us to stay quiet 🤧 pic.twitter.com/5vqy4Vk0tB
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#neozone ¹²⁷⌖ @zuxtlr
@bjorkasmr I will be quite too if he bought me an iphone
Qent @qent_1102
@aMrazing Well there'll be no update since its other person's post, and the TS got busted... lol The guy who post it means it as a meme post but got blown up because of 'the girl who said its her father there' lol Thats the guy in the photo's father pic.twitter.com/k0l2qKL03d
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mon🍒 @che3ri_
@aMrazing Fake itu. Dari facebook foto nyaaa hmmmmm


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