Alexander Thian @aMrazing
Waiting for the update. Who’s with me? pic.twitter.com/wpljvefNgQ
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Biofeelia 2.0 @bjorkasmr
To anyone asking for an update, he said he would buy me an iPhone to stay quiet... 🤦‍♂️ twitter.com/bjorkasmr/stat…
Carl Gallagher @Loud_Cloudzz
@bjorkasmr Nahhh he gone have to buy ALL of us and iPhone
ki @tokayeyo
@bjorkasmr THERES NO QUIET ANYMORE SIS ITS ALREADY ON TWITTER 🤦🏻‍♀️ pic.twitter.com/IkEGfDeVzy
Aeesha @Nawti_saint
@bjorkasmr He’s gonna have to buy us all an iPhone if he wants us to stay quiet too.
Mabella 🇳🇬 @JMabella_
@bjorkasmr I've been waiting for updates for Hours and come text this?... Am I a joke to you? Nah.... Your dad's buying IPhone for all of us to stay quiet 🤧 pic.twitter.com/5vqy4Vk0tB
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تيتانيا @zuxtlr
@bjorkasmr I will be quite too if he bought me an iphone
neli  @yoongisoju
@7BTSaf @bjorkasmr Update : she trolled us that’s not her dad 🤡 pic.twitter.com/Hl5gyokVvm
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*JIMIN* side by side @CanOnlyBeYou
@yoongisoju @7BTSaf @bjorkasmr what did the post say? did he really u know what or is it he's dad? 😅
Qent@ごちそうさま(〃⊃ω⊂〃) @qent_1102
@aMrazing Well there'll be no update since its other person's post, and the TS got busted... lol The guy who post it means it as a meme post but got blown up because of 'the girl who said its her father there' lol Thats the guy in the photo's father pic.twitter.com/k0l2qKL03d
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mon🍒 @che3ry_
@aMrazing Fake itu. Dari facebook foto nyaaa hmmmmm


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