Should Pres Obama Give OFA Roster to Dem Party? ‘Obamacrats’ Weigh In

Should President Obama turn over his coveted OFA roster to Democratic candidates planning to seek various offices during the 2016 presidential election year? This provocative question, prompted by a discussion on the MHP Show, led to a flurry of push back on Twitter on Sunday from pro-Obama supporters, affectionately known as “Obamacrats.” Here’s how the story unfolded on Twitter…
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Barack Obama @BarackObama
Winning an election won't bring about the change we seek on its own:
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Melissa Harris-Perry @MHarrisPerry
This morning on @MHPShow we are planning a party...a Political Party. #Nerdland
Melissa @ MSNBC @MHPshow
Sunday in #nerdland began with @MHarrisPerry breaking down what President Obama must do to build @TheDemocrats:
T @truthrose1
Wait so now @mhpshow wants PBO to turn over his people(OFA) to the Dem party, who has not backed PBO,WTF, #nerdland
🇺🇸 @Freefree0Bobbie
@truthrose1 @MHPshow In 2014 and 2016 you'll see many Emos and Establishment Dems counting on Obama to hand over his OFA roster.
lovelyladypa @whome51obama
@Freefree0Bobbie @truthrose1 to damn bad the emopros & pl ran like chicken frm OFA AND PRES IN 2010 REM @MHPshow lever says dems not emoprog
Patrick @QuadCityPat
Not just black folks MT @AngryBlackLady A lot o black folks are Obamacrats, not Democrats. Whiny progressives have a lot to do with that
44ever @theonlyadult
@QuadCityPat @AngryBlackLady I'm white. I can't see myself working for any future Dem as much as I did for PBO.
Carole Troll 🎭 🇺🇸🇨🇲🇬🇧🇫🇷🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 @Thejazzchick
The problem w/the discussion about Dems on #MHP is that the building of Dem infrastructure should have been happening long b4 #PBO. #Vision
Imani Gandy @AngryBlackLady
A lot o black folks are Obamacrats, not Democrats. Whiny progressives have a lot to do with that, I think.
Larry Madill @larrymadill
@ArrogantDemon @AngryBlackLady The Great White Hope who acts like A West Wing episode who then gets his ass kicked by Chris Christie
LiberalPhenom (Obama is my president forever) @LiberalPhenom
@zizii2 @mhpshow Now they're running scared b/c 2016 not guaranteed w/o POTUS. Tough. Shld hv helped PBO b/c I'm nt working for any of them.
facepalm 47% @facepalm23
@truthrose1 @mhpshow seriously new year same crap. Trying to tell 2 term potus Obama who won 51% of the vote they know best.
3ChicsPolitico @3ChicsPolitico
Ametia says: Some of these folks were apart of ‘AS FAR AS I KNOW HE’S AN AMERICAN” bullshit, now they want to see his OFA roster? FUCK’EM!
Sabrina @Charmed86
@facepalm23 @truthrose1 @MHPshow coming in late so they're back to "telling" the President. When did they become experts
facepalm 47% @facepalm23
@Charmed86 @truthrose1 @MHPshow She who gave #flop teabaggers firebaggers & OWS huge airtime every week wants to tell potus what to do.
lovelyladypa @whome51obama
@shellyvacchiano i nvr will forget hillary/mark penn memos and dems wonder why the hate in our party frm some whites @mhpshow
T @truthrose1
@Mama4Obama1 @Kennymack1971 #1 it will not work because he built that coalition for Barrack Obama I don't think it is transferable
🇺🇸 @Freefree0Bobbie
@lovelyladypa @truthrose1 @MHPshow The Emos fail to understand, OFA was needed to combat their negativity on the left, as well as Tparty
Nerdy Wonka @NerdyWonka
@zizii2 @ArrogantDemon @AngryBlackLady Exactly. An organization can't just be transferred. It begins with the individual and grassroots.
#BobbysDaughter @Mama4Obama1
@truthrose1 @Kennymack1971 I am not okay with that. Some Democrats sat back and watched PBO get beat up for years, joined in. OHN!
Frederick Rogers Sugar Daddy Account @ArrogantDemon
@AngryBlackLady they're in for a rude awakening in 2016, the nominee will beg PBO to tag along to help them
lovelyladypa @whome51obama
@ninaturner same dem party if u recall told Sen Obama to wait his turn bec it was the Clinton turn again? Keeping it real @mhpshow @finneyk
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