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Bacanya Bikin Nangis, Curhatan Dokter Yang Bantu Lahirkan Pasien Sebelumnya Tidak Bisa Hamil Selama 14 Tahun Berujung Pahit

satu nyawa lahir, satu nyawa diambil
Manx @Manx4PM

@kcmel_ @selmsms Whoever has written this might be a good storyteller but is a crappy doctor if at all he is a doctor. Days of enduring pain for hours in labour are over, and death during labor should be exceedingly rare. Husband said be consulting a malpractice lawyer.

12/09/2019 20:03:00 WIB
Aamena Gorji @AamenaGorji

@Manx4PM @kcmel_ @selmsms Rare but still plausible. C sections are a last resort. The risks that comes with major abdominal surgery are far greater than those that come with a vaginal delivery. A nulliparous woman labouring for 7 hours sounds pretty standard. Know your facts.

12/09/2019 21:22:15 WIB
brandonj.idgaf @blckrose9

@kcmel_ I’m literally tearing up over here reading this.

13/09/2019 01:28:19 WIB
Aoife Sherry @xaoifesherryx

@kcmel_ @rosa_collier @alice_keunen I didn’t even clock death through childbirth still happened

13/09/2019 01:57:39 WIB
Ikram Gorji @IkramGorji

@AamenaGorji @Manx4PM @kcmel_ @selmsms Well said @AamenaGorji . Wonder how many babies @Manx4PM has delivered to be such an 'expert' in this field

13/09/2019 05:06:09 WIB
Andrea🐢 @arano07

@kcmel_ This is heartbreaking especially since I flatline in the middle of my c-section and I heard how my family felt about everything I woke up to everyone holding my hand,praying and crying 🥺

13/09/2019 07:18:53 WIB
K @kaelana15

@kcmel_ @salgadokelvin96 Lovely story but this why I’m gonna adopt.

13/09/2019 07:31:33 WIB
Jay @JaayyDennis

@kcmel_ @SunneiFaith Please respect women. Please love and respect your wife.. there are no words to adequately describe how precious they are. Beyond priceless.

13/09/2019 08:14:51 WIB
CHIOMA @nairabanksxo

@kcmel_ omg im getting a freaking surrogate this too much

13/09/2019 09:10:25 WIB
hAnNAh🥰✨🤠🌿👨🏻‍🚀 @hannah73allen

@kcmel_ @sav_moli this could have been my mother. she tried for 8 years to have me. when she found out she was pregnant, the doctor told her she had ovarian cancer. they told her to abort me. her strength and boldness are why i’m here today. whenever you ask her, she always thanks God.

13/09/2019 11:21:42 WIB
ᴄᴇʀᴛɪꜰɪᴇᴅ ʜᴜꜱᴛʟᴇʀ💸 @NOBLECHADNEZZA1

@stfuzay @kcmel_ @Cai_xx @liz @rufaro_jay @vanessatynashe @issa_manhombo @Nyarie150990 It was a pleasure when he was giving you to that woman but she was in agony when she brought you on this earth

13/09/2019 11:22:50 WIB


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