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From what I've seen, the Child's Play reboot is the worst film of 2019 so far. I still don't understand how anyone could've enjoyed it. It wasn't funny, exciting, or scary; just a pathetic lump of wasted potential, lazily cashing in on nostalgia. pic.twitter.com/suGKWvPwYh
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S. H. E @sheez
91° filme do ano: Child's Play (2019). O boneco é feio, mas a Internet fas coisas é bem pior! Hahahaha... ADOREI! ⭐⭐⭐⭐ #cinema #movies #filmes #childsplay #aubreyplaza #briantyreehenry #gabrielbatemaninstagram.com/p/B2Ss1fEhHhh/…
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ScorpionX1992 @ScorpionX1992
I'm afraid to watch child's play 2019 But a part of me wants to watch it so I know what the og Chucky's gonna make fun of. @RealDonMancini @JenniferTilly @fionadourif
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Hair all ruffled up from a day of high energy activity Evelyn finally settles. With an old book in her lap the child sits in the little blanket fort that is always present. Tucked into one of the back corners of her bedroom it was Evelyn's favorite inside play spot.
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@Thomas1774Paine Find one child photo from S hook. Biggest play since 9/11. Dont complain at me before asking yourself why 20 caskets were not opened. Odds of every parent going along is near 0
milford cubicle @tomlxs
half way thru this new child’s play and i’m fucking with it hella so far.


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