MrDaftPrawn ❄️ @MrDaftPrawn
We made a stop at Walmart a couple of days ago for supplies and I always take a look around the entertainment section where I found this stack of Infinity stone chrome Hulk Pops, looks like an Avengers Endgame fan was having some fun 😂 @MrsDaftPrawn @OriginalFunko @Avengers pic.twitter.com/wg7P5gfIdq
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dirk @dirk_okennedy
Don't worry if the words do not come out right just keep on acting. The more you act the more you will gain respect. @MarvelStudios @Avengers @RobertDowneyJr @Tom__Hardy_ @TomHolland1996 @chrishemsworth @chadwickboseman
xavi montanyà @xavimountain
Thanks to @Marvel #IronMan @Avengers, this mornig inside the car, with my 8 years old kid, we listened @ac/dc, #Traffic ...... instead #reggaeton and other shits that kids usually listen.... great moment.... #Traffic: open.spotify.com/track/5CGpPUcU… pic.twitter.com/PqPygYlxDS
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🖤purpleunicorn♥️ @purpleunicorn55
And I hear this whenever I play Low Key by Ally Brooke..🙊🙈 I'm sorry✌,,but I like this song sm👍🎧🤘 @TWHiddleston @AllyBrooke @Avengers #AvengersEndgame pic.twitter.com/a7MQRJznGl
dirk @dirk_okennedy
Always leave one more script out of the books not to hide anything ,but for the simple reason that there are not enough time to tell the rest of the story right now... @Avengers @MarvelStudios @DrStrange
SpotboyE @Spotboye
OMG! #TomHolland aka Spiderman recently attended the #FanX convention and the actor called @MarkRuffaloaka Hulk out to be the biggest Marvel spoiler of all time! #Hollywood | #Spiderman | #Marvel | #Hulk | #MCU | @Avengers | #Spoiler | #AvengersEndgame spotboye.com/trending/trend…
dirk @dirk_okennedy
I love my mother 3000 and I have some love left for my father as well ,but I know what I believe in my heart and what's right and wrong even if they are going to be shocked for the character I have planned... @Avengers @MarvelStudios @RobertDowneyJr @Tom__Hardy_
🌻 Julia Rae Gamez 🌻 @juliaraegamezx
So.. totally had a dream that @TomHolland1996 was actually spiderman in real life and he kissed me and I helped the avengers with an alien invasion.. #helpmeimweird @Avengers #spiderman
Iván Fernández @fernandez_moran
@latercera y a quien llamamos cuando queremos denunciar su uso? @Carabdechile ? @SeremiSaludRM ? @avengers? @ligadelajusticia? @chapulincolorado? te aseguro que sera mas fácil que llegue Iron Man a que llegue una patrulla de COPS #noalhilocurado #parenlaWea #noseatonto #weon
dirk @dirk_okennedy
Can anyone please tell me what happend to Tony Starks body in Avengers Endgame? The Arc Reactor was the last evidence of him... I need to know. We need to ceate Iron Venom... @Marvel @Avengers @RobertDowneyJr @Tom__Hardy_ @TomHolland1996 @chadwickboseman @chrishemsworth
Chris Mattmann @chrismattmann
Many thanks to someone who follows me skilled in photoshop that is able to perform the complex task of creating one of these for my head #NextIronMan 🚀🚀🚀🚀cc @Avengers twitter.com/chrismattmann/…
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