Pelatih Jepang ini baru saja mendapatkan penghargaan karena membangun dunia persepakbolaan Jepang Mr. Takeshi Okada.

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Mr. Takeshi Okada, the former Japanese national team coach, was chosen as the “Japan Football Hall of Fame” to celebrate the people who made a major contribution to the development of the Japanese football world.

“Japan Football Hall of Fame” Honoring Takeshi Okada and others 3

A ceremony was held to give a commemorative shield to the former Japanese national team coach Takeshi Okada, who was chosen for the “Japan Football Hall of Fame”, which honors people who have made significant contributions to the development of the Japanese football world.

In addition to Mr. Okada who led the Japanese national team to the first appearance at the 1998 World Cup France in the Hall of Fame, Mr. Akira Nishino, who led the final tournament last year and led the final tournament in 2011. Norio Sasaki, who led “Nadeshiko Japan” to the women ’s World Cup, was selected.

The ceremony was held at the Soccer Museum in Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo, and Mr. Okada and Mr. Sasaki attended by Hisako Takamadomiya, who served as the Honorary President of the Japan Football Association.

After that, Mr. Okada responded to the interview: “As long as I was honored to have chosen the one I was complaining about. I was in an abnormal state in Japan for the first time in the first World Cup. I was also impressed. ”

In addition, Mr. Sasaki said, “Next year's Tokyo Olympics will be an important tournament for women's football in the future. Any medal is acceptable, so if you take it, you will gain momentum in women's football. I want to help you behind the scenes.”

Mr. Nishino, who is currently the director of the Thai national team, sent a video message and expressed his determination to “I am truly honored. I would like to work hard to develop not only in Japan but also in the Asian football world.” It was.