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Lucu Tapi Bikin Bingung, Ada Yang Salah Dari Laki-Laki Yang Selfie Di Tengah Jalan Ini

ternyata dia memakai telpon ajaib
a guy @apiecebyguy

Saw this dude trying to take a picture with his phone...

06/09/2019 02:24:39 WIB
Eric @Spanxxxy

@apiecebyguy This is somehow less awful than every aunt who takes pictures with their iPad.

06/09/2019 02:31:34 WIB
Thrillho McG @Jimithang53

@apiecebyguy He’s killing it. Real life trolls are the bees

06/09/2019 02:43:16 WIB
GENIUS @classick91

@apiecebyguy Yo this guy wears the same fit 6 days out of the week

06/09/2019 14:30:59 WIB


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