Jinners4 / 🏳️‍🌈 @Jinners4
Saw IT Chapter Two, and it was really good! My only regret is not having seen the first movie yet, but my friends made this movie choice the last minute so... yeah.
Ryan Winslett @RyanWinslett
Figured a couple days of kicking "IT: Chapter Two" around the ole noggin would strengthen the negatives and leave me feeling lukewarm overall, but it's been the opposite. Hell, I just might go see it again.
Leanna @leanna123421
it chapter two is pretty good👌🏼
mads 🦇 @madstvwriter
If you don’t have the chance to return to Derry with the Losers by seeing IT Chapter Two this weekend you might wonder when it will stream on Amazon. mads-media.com/2019/09/09/wil… pic.twitter.com/v0d8iS8b45
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☆DiBZ @rightb4myeyez
seeing It chapter two tmrw... very eggcyted
TD. @_teahnad
IT : Chapter Two was definitely better than the first one..
Kelly L Henry @KellyLHenry1
IT Chapter 2 (06.09.2019) - Trailer HD subtitrat youtu.be/1hnR4KByFGU via @YouTube Went and watched "IT Chapter Two" during the weekend! DAMN! Funnier than I thought (I Love Bill Hader) ,but also made me want to puke! So TERRIFYING! #BillHader
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Geek Society @geeksocietyau
It Part 2 dropped in Cinemas just last week. Thinking about hitting up cheap Tuesday tonight at the cinemas? Check out our full spoiler free review geeksociety.com.au/2019/09/09/mov…
Agim Zabeli @AgimZabeli
The deeply anti-Christian sadism and perversity of Stephen King? No problem. The satanic clown is a homophobe? Now wait just a goddamn minute... pjmedia.com/lifestyle/lgbt…
ً @suntanfilms
this is literally all i’m gonna think about when i see it chapter two pic.twitter.com/ldRVMLrz5D
Sailing News @sailing_news
It: Chapter Two adapts Mike Hanlon from a victim of racist violence into a victim of a racist storyline. - Slate bit.ly/2NTAAEI
🥀 @moreen_xo
IT chapter two was so boring
🍀 It's JakeBrannan folks 🍀 @JakeBrannan5499
Movies on my immediate radar: It Chapter Two Joker Doctor Sleep The Lighthouse
kara ✨ @kyloporg
seeing it chapter two a second time was a perfect temporary distraction but lol i’m right back in the sad place I was prior — should’ve never left the fucking theater lol pic.twitter.com/D28zEaGKMS
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shayy model. @xoxo_RIPDAD
i really need to see it chapter two!
GALECA: The Society of LGBTQ Entertainment Critics @DorianAwards
'IT Chapter Two': James Ransone on That Unexpected, Stephen King-Approved Gay Subplot (Exclusive) | Entertainment Tonight shar.es/aXdsTm
Merlín @FacundoPetagna
El miércoles me voy a tomar vino a comer y a ver it chapter two con Mariela la verdad que armamos el plan de los planes
ؘ @jmsjntd
I watched It Chapter Two, 2019 - ★★★ on letterboxd.com: ift.tt/301KJSp
eds @edstoziers
me: packing for my move next month me: plays it chapter two soundtrack me: ah nice
. @lottieandjamie
wait they said they wanna get married within the next two weeks then it skipped twelves days and chapter 15 is coming up oh my fucking god ....
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