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hey everybody my names Nathan here’s 4 simple steps 1. follow me 2. Like all posts 3. comment 4. just enjoy the videos 😂 this ain’t my first rodeo

Michelle @mshannonTWEET
@BestVideosviral Who needs a gym when you have a kid and a dog!
killjoyluvscake @killjoyluvscake
@BestVideosviral What is it with kids and being thrown. They say they're scared, they dont want it, and then it's 'again, again'.
tvrdo dj @TvrdoD
@killjoyluvscake @BestVideosviral Same with adults. When someone dump us we go back and ask for more
Bornwithadarktan @Bornwithadarkt1
@BestVideosviral @brooklyndjones Telling ur kid that ur tired and can’t play no more after a moment like this is heart breaking
coconut @halfvanillla
@BestVideosviral i would like it if he picked me up and threw me around 👀
Rita🌊RemoveIMPOTUS!!🆘 @RitaOldLadyDem_
@BestVideosviral @rhonmhon8 😂😂Thanks for this. My dad used to do that with me until one day the bed broke. 55yrs ago. Good times. ❤️
Jared Nix @Jayrodd97
@mshannonTWEET @BestVideosviral As expensive as gym memberships are getting these days I think I'd go with he kid and the dog
a chel @Juliette_pie

God bless this hot mess

Cit. @acxxxit
@Juliette_pie Bangun tidur langsung pengen punya anak woii😭😭
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