For many parts of Indonesia, one problem has become increasingly frequent: drought. Indonesia’s Agency for Meteorology, Climatology, and Geophysics (BMKG) has warned that severe drought could be felt in seven of the country’s provinces, with second-level drought in many more, including Jakarta. By July, 55 districts and cities had already begun implementing emergency responses to water shortages.

Some of the worst water shortages are felt on Java – Indonesia’s most populous island, home to more than 60% of the population, many of its largest cities, and much of its agriculture. For all this human abundance, Java is seriously lacking in water, holding just 10% of the nation’s water supplies.

Indonesia’s Ministry of Public Works and Housing has predicted that Java’s water levels will drop to 476m3 per person per year by 2040. This is categorised as “total scarcity” and is far below the current annual level of 1169m3 per capita.

  • Bagi banyak bagian di Indonesia, satu masalah menjadi sering terjadi: kekeringan. BMKG telah memperingatkan bahwa kekeringan parah bisa dirasakan di tujuh provinsi dengan tingkat kedua kekeringan, termasuk wilayah Jakarta. Di bulan Juli saja, 55 distrik dan kota telah mulai melaksanakan respon darurat dari Kekurangan air.

Salah satu yang Kekurangan paling parah adalah di pulau Jawa, pulau terpadat di Indonesia, rumah dari 60 persen lebih populasi negara, dan berisi banyak kota besar juga pertanian. Dari kepadatan ini, pulau Jawa sangat kekurangan air, karena hanya memiliki 10% ketersediaan air dari keseluruhan wilayah negara.

Kementrian pekerjaan Umum memprediksi bahwa level air di Pulau Jawa akan jatuh ke 476m3 per Orang di tahun 2040. Hal ini dikategorikan sebagai kelangkaan air dan sangat jauh dari annual level 1169m3 per kapita.

URL www.lowyinstitute.org 829 In Java, the water is running out Drought, pollution, and poor resource management threaten Indonesia's most populous island with total water scarcity.
Kate Walton @waltonkate
Folks, did you know Java is running out of water? Like, SERIOUSLY running out of water, as in water will be "totally scarce" by 2040? I had no idea things were this bad until I stumbled across some stats a few weeks ago. It led me to write this. twitter.com/LowyInstitute/…
Poppy Malise @poyummy
@waltonkate Isn’t Bali also running out of water? But no one talks about this 😢
Kate Walton @waltonkate
@poyummy It is indeed, but I think it's a bit more widely known about than Java's water problems?
You can stay under my @Fido_Dildo
@waltonkate It's been happening for several days here in certain region of Jakarta. When the night comes, we can't get enough water from the faucet even just for washing the dishes so we collect the water bit by bit at noon.
TehNit™ @NitaSellya
@waltonkate it's been almost no water days at home for the past two days. nyala keciiil di atas jam 10 malam, jam 4 pagi udah mati lagi. nelpon ke petugas, katanya debit air lagi kurang.
TehNit™ @NitaSellya
@waltonkate uh huh. tadi sore telpon, dijawabnya begitu.
SNH @NurulUnyil
@waltonkate This is happening in my neighborhood. Setiap pagi air cuma nyala di keran depan rumah, jadi tiap hari harus angkut air ke kamar mandi atau mengerjakan pekerjaan rumah di teras. Semacam jadi tontonan orang yg lewat 😕
A.I. @mzcorps
@waltonkate Can't we just reverse osmosis the sea water? We have lots of it.
ImamFikri @Imam_Fikkri
@waltonkate It's not only in Java, but Bali as well.
Jason Murdoch @JasonJMurdoch
@LowyInstitute Thailand is enduring a similar scenario in certain parts, too.
Kate Walton @waltonkate
@mzcorps I did read about desalination for Jakarta and it's possible but would require so much infrastructure that it'd be hard to do on a large scale. :(
Kate Walton @waltonkate
@Imam_Fikkri Yep absolutely! But I think Bali's problem is a bit more well-known?
rudiktrademe @lionofpalmy
@waltonkate @mzcorps It's very expensive to produce desalinated water thru SWRO. Today every Jakartans need 150ltr/day n cost abt Rp.525/day/prsn. If use SWRO cost up to Rp. 4500/day/prs. N it's only production without calculating profit from provider.
ImamFikri @Imam_Fikkri
@waltonkate I think not so many people realize it. But 2 years ago, i met someone who really concerns about this issue. He traveled all around Indonesia to make some map about water crisis. What an interisting research!
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