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Watch Midsommar (2019) FULL MOVIE Watch OR Download In HD 1080p ッッッ Midsommar is scheduled to be released in the United States on July 3, 2019. Follow In TWITTER Read More
Ayu SL @ayustarii
@nanabinhariyati Kita di tim yang sama, Mbak. Penasaran tapi takut-takut gitu deh. Hahaha. Btw, kalau mau baca spoilernya di sini, Mbak:… :))
dip @daprong
Ngebet banget mau nonton midsommar. Sempet ngajak beberapa orang juga, tapi kayanya mereka semua sibuk. Yaudahlah paling tar nonton sendiri aja deh sekalian me time, biasanya juga apa-apa sendirian kan? Sanskuyy :')
Sam @samowen_96
The Midsommar director's cut references JSTOR and that's what accounts for the additional half-hour
amali(t)a @kierkegirl
Midsommar is basically the story of every thesis plus a guy getting roofied.
nikki - crystallizer fc ambassador ⚢ @fatherfake
Midsommar directors cut was fucking amazing btw that shit was such a perfect comedy/horror
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Austin Keller @Austin_KeIIer
My watch schedule: This evening: Maiden Tomorrow: Midsommar (director's cut) Thursday night: Luce
ً @tbzcIub
@nyumooon this is midsommar in a single picture
charlie @midsommarbear
me, fully aware that even tho midsommar appears in the "future premieres" section of cinepolis i probably won't be able to watch it bc I live in a small town: OMG MIDSOMMAR COMING TO CINEPOLIS
bannah haker’s 🍰 @boyzthere
Just watched Midsommar... I mean it was good but also that’s a yikes from me
James A. @jameslxver
@robfxr El tuyo incluso con lo de Midsommar molaba màs
gabagool @stanlecoolbrick
Any lady want to accompany me in seeing the directors cut of Midsommar tonight¿?
dougla doll @mustangkids
I was talking to a guy and he said he didn’t like MIDSOMMAR I’m not ignoring red flags again he’s getting BLOCKED!
Surtadinho @m4rcelofr_
@larisantos_c @_PietraCarvalho Gente vamo ver Midsommar no cinema por favor nunca pedi nada aaaaaa
BENNETT @b6ner
not me getting dragged for this when i haven’t even mentioned i also wanted to see midsommar again on wednesday before the hurricane hits at 1pm.....
- @lauurenzaa
Dicari teman nonton: - Gundala - Ready or Not - Midsommar
ike ? @ikenotikea
Seeing the midsommar directors cut tonight
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José Antonio G. @jagg1188
#Estrenos 19 de septiembre de 2019: -Midsommar -Ad Astra -Yesterday No podría estar más #agradecido 🤩🙌🎥 #Cine #Películas
eryn 🍄 @shroomgi
just came back from watching midsommar in the cinemas and............................. what the actual fuck
𝐝𝐞𝐯𝐢 𝐚𝐫𝐢𝐟𝐢𝐚𝐧𝐭𝐢 @issagoath
@zahrazu aku juga belom ada nih, cuma aku suka yang based on true story gitu kayak the exorcism of emily rose. trus film nya A24 juga rata rata serem yang sadis gitu, aku suka yang the witch, selain hereditary sama midsommar.
Princess Cinemas @princesscinemas
TODAY (Happy Back to School!) AT THE ORIGINAL The Art of Self Defense - 700pm David Crosby: Remember My Name - 915pm AT THE TWIN After The Wedding - 630pm Luce - 645 & 900pm Midsommar - Director's Cut - 845pm #KWAwesome Get tickets / See showtimes >
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