𝓘𝓷𝓭𝓲𝓪 🌸 @asukar0se
i think tom holland is really good as spiderman and i hope we get to see more of him in the role though, it’ll be a shame to only have him as spiderman in only 5 or so movies with only 2/5 of them being spiderman centered (homecoming and far from home)
🧠🍤 @seaweed8rain
mcu spiderman is hardly about spiderman, the movie feels like a bridge or the end of a tunnel especially far from home. its still a nice movie.
Corné de Wet @CorneDewet1
Can Disney and Sony please kiss and make up. They can’t remove Spiderman from the MCU after that massive cliff hanger in Far From Home😭 #mcuspiderman
Mr Ultimate @Mr_Ultimate_
@SoraTheBoi @YoshiMilkman I mean thats what far from home was trying to push him in he made his own suit in that movie and came into his own he was even told “ your not gonna be the next iron man , your spiderman
PeterMan 🕸 | ØBSESSION 👽 @RedRosesDragon
Sono andata a un centro commerciale e abbiamo visto al cinema vicino che c'era Spiderman Far from home e allora volevamo guardarlo. Ma siamo andati lì ed era tutto chiuso quando sul sito c'era scritto che iniziava alle 1:20 e niente noi sconvolti. Tutti ci sono rimasti male. 😭😢
kate @K473lynn
spiderman 2: far from home spiderman 3: homeless
Pat @Gamer01000
@SonyPictures So you've basically ruined Stan Lee's favourite character sad to see far from home is the final Spiderman film
Heroeightytwo @Heroeightytwo
@MelonieMac I thought far from home copied too much from homecoming. Still a fun film but the 1st two Toby Maguire Spiderman's still remain my favourites.
авu @abudzarr__
siape ade link spiderman far from home, pm sat
Perjalanan yg berliku, homecoming, far from home. Kini spiderman bakal di gelar homeless twitter.com/77MCU/status/1…
Layla @dlaylath
@S2hail95 Ada weh haha spiderman homecoming, far from home, homeless. Memang homeless betul ah sekarang hahah
human trash @JoanHan47543778
#MARVELFANSUNITED we have to stop this from happening. This divorce is ripping my heart out. Leave my Spiderman at home. What about the end of Far From Home. @TomHolland1996 what do you say about this
💤 tei 💤 @soft4kakeru
did the designer from Spiderman Far From Home make the s4 MHA official poster
Smoke Oui'd Everyday @DhrvP
Maybe Spiderman went a lil too far from home
리아. @czoijulia
i actually not really a fan of movies, the recent one i watched is "Spiderman: Far From Home" which is last month ㅋㅋㅋㅋ twitter.com/doyout/status/…
Chiara 🌸 @LTChica
Ma che schifezza dai! Siete proprio stronzi, soprattutto per il modo in cui è finito Spiderman Far From home. #SaveSpiderMan twitter.com/77mcu/status/1…
Jordan Durci @DurchBurch
Spider-Man: Far From Home is estimated to have made between 39.2 million dollars on its opening night (variety.com/2019/film/box-…). This means Disney's money from the movie was literally 1.96 million dollars. Still a lot, but it probably didn't cover their investment.
Mattéo @MatteOtiste
@Morgan92162588 Les spiderman 1,2,3 sont clairement 10x mieux que homecoming et far from Home donc bon
kedar @lamkedar
Then SpiderMan - homecoming. SpiderMan - far from home. Now Spiderman - Cannot come home! #SpiderMan #SpidermanBelongsInTheMCU #Marvel #sony
cold heart❄️❤️ @dr_bayard_bxy
En vrai tony est mort pour rien?? Parceque sa mort à affecter tout le MCU mais principalement spiderman et après un film incroyable comme « far from home » vous n’avez pas le droit de nous enlever notre spiderman. @MarvelFR faite quelque chose svp🙁
Alias Investigations @Alias_Inv
El momento 'Back in Black' de Spiderman: Far from home me llegó al alma
The Nomodder @Iamnomodder
Spiderman: Homecoming Spiderman: Far from Home ... Spiderman: Abducted from his home. 😣
𝓪𝓷𝓪 @leviosamendess
Its not even viable that spiderman has no connection with the mcu. These last movies have been so successful, and the way far from home ends left everyone begging for the next one. It would lead to a VERY interesting film, and i don't think they would just throw that away
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