Harv @Harv48400060
@Gammera2000 @MejorStrength @Prof_AnityGames @DiscussingFilm But Spiderman 3 was a disgrace, TASM was meh TASM 2 was awful and Venom was mediocre. Meanwhile, Homecoming and FFH were both really good. I'd take a trusted studio over a hit or miss one any day
gawd damb @Jason_damb
@SonyPictures Just know @SonyPictures that in the end that JK Simmons was paid to jabait every one of us. Far from home teased nothing short of a 3rd tom holland spiderman film directed by Sony only to lose all the cash and your fans you've gained from the mcu as we know it. Sincerely, Fuck U
felipao juan @GigenaJuanF
lo de spiderman va a se mejor porque va esta Venom jujuju
Steve Schilffarth @SSchilffarth
@SonyPictures SONY JUST NEEDS TO SELL @SpiderMan SPIDERMAN AND ALL OF ITS OFFSPRING TO @Disney DISNEY FOR $6 BILLION. Marvel's most popular character and with the potential of a VENOM success - This seems reasonable! S2
Harley🐺 @HarleyWarrick
Its now said that Tom might not be spiderman anymore. If that ends up true I will cry. He’s so perfect for the role and he wants to continue to be Peter Parker. Why take away a good thing? pic.twitter.com/PQJ0h92YqB
Pecho Frio Of Us @frio_pecho
@RyukenBlade Prefiero las películas de Spiderman solo asi que ojalá nunca se arreglen 😁
Ikki Tellitud @Ikki_del_Fenix
@RondasX @tecn0tronica Necesito una explicación "for dummies" de qué carajos está pasando con Spiderman, que Fergie (?) no sé quien, que el MCU, que Sony, etc. porque leo de pasada muchos tuits y no logro entender, jaja. Please explain.
. @Ayicenna
@Renner4Real @SonyPictures @TheRealStanLee @Marvel It's Marvel's fault, they shouldn't have sold Spiderman movie rights in the first place
Caleb, Vault 76 Resident @CalebOrman
Who tf cares which sides fault this whole Spiderman shit is. This hurts the qualtity of Spidey movies regardless of whos to blame.
Stephanie @Obikitty
All that said, Disney is asking far too much. They deserve more than the original deal, but hopefully cooler heads prevail and they work something out that's fair to both parties (and to us fans) #SpiderMan #sonyvsdisney
leen. @ddeokbxkki
LMFAO. even if he did, he can’t just omit everything about tom holland’s spiderman. bc 85% of the character’s backstory is from MCU. what are you going to do? reboot again? i don’t know how many times i’ve said this but without mcu, this version of spiderman is nothing but an twitter.com/MCU_Direct/sta…
Newf Nukem @NewfNukem
@Salt1estGaming @judomaster313 Sounds like Disney wants a bigger slice and Sony knows that Spiderman can do huge numbers without being part of the MCU.


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