Kunci gitar cinta karena cinta Judika

Tak bisa di pungkiri, jebolan Indonesian Idol ini memang selalu membuat kejutan yang luar biasa bagi para penggemarnya. Pasalnya setiap lagu yang keluar tidak pernah tidak boming, lagu terbaru JUDIKA CINTA KARNA CINTA. INI DIA KUNCI GITAR CINTA KARENA CINTA https://chordeology.blogspot.com/2019/08/chord-cinta-karna-cinta-judika.html
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とらのあな 池袋店B @tora_ikebukuro
【同人CD情報】サークル「ABSOLUTE CASTAWAY」の「ASTRO=CHORD」入荷致しました!6F同人CDコーナーにて販売中です!ABSOLUTE CASTAWAY(中恵光城)が贈る、天体ファンタジーシリーズ!ゲストボーカルに声優の平山笑美を迎えた今作。ec.toranoana.shop/tora/ec/item/0… pic.twitter.com/M2jWEikTeo
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Tuca @tucakeane
*discussing melatonin with a coworker* CW- "Yeah, it helps me sleep, but it gives me weird dreams." Me- "YEAH! Like, deer attacking people, right?" CW- *uncomfortable silence* Think I struck a chord.
Guitar Chord @Guitar_Chord_
Lirik dan Chord AKIM & THE MAJISTRET - Yang Satu Lirik dlvr.it/RBSg78
Miss Mars @LambChopInPamps
@Notactuallysmol Ehehe chickening out of playing a chord for Miss Mars by using a ninja stink bomb? Oldest trick in the book, but I accept
‏ً @revoltwilled
@callousedpsyche There’s a few more taps, and a chortle that comes after ; pearly whites bright, chord sweet and melodic —— her playful factor, 𝑒𝑣𝑒𝑟 so hidden only peeking through in alike situations, beside her confidant. 〝 𝙉𝙤𝙬, I think — 〞 A pause as she lowers the device, »
Robert Benedict @MagicBendy
@Shadowtopaz @KRA_LIVES2019 I understand how a Muppet can be scary, though. Same way clowns can be scary or the same way Willy Wonka freaked me out as a kid. Sometimes certain things just strike an odd chord in our minds as kids and those things stick with us. I hope it didn’t turn you off other Muppets!
glee screencap meme @glee_meme
Chord Overstreet (with Chris, Kevin, Mark, Ashley) pic.twitter.com/DU8FgVYNXS
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yolk @YolkFromEggs
@HanamuraDS I just imagine Nick’s face on Power Chord.
Derek Moalli @thoushallbe
@dede_urameshi there are so many examples... but this one has always been my favorite. youtu.be/Um3MhkU0u7k the backing vocals from 1:00-1:30 are angelic. the way he takes such a simple chord progression and makes it into something so interesting is pure genius
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hana 🇯🇵 @HanamuraDS
shoutout to @ITalkFortnite - the power chord @SwigsHD - the lace @RetroRed_ - the dusk this was a blast to recreate ;^; twitter.com/hanamurads/sta…
Philosophy Tweets⚡️ @philosophytweet
Sorry this tweet was supposed to go to the Editor's music account, but since so many followers like it I will leave it. This chord is popular in American Blues music. twitter.com/philosophytwee…
杏樹*年女🐭 @Ange_Minou
【FAN】(あまり呟かないけど好きです) RADWIMPS,ONE OK ROCK,BUMP OF CHICKEN DYNAMIC CHORD(※バンドマンと恋する乙ゲー。おすすめ。) Equal,WEBER,アルスマグナ ジャニーズ アニメ、舞台、ミュージカルはツイート参照!
fran @bally_manalon
Dami kong pwedeng makalimutan bat yung chord pa 🤦🏻‍♂️
🇳🇪🇳🇪md Imran khan🇳🇪🇳🇪 @ImranKh93272682
@SHCHAUHAN3 kuach din me aysa ho jayga india ke sare bhkat apni bibi ko chord ke real bhakt ban ke dekhayge
zach @fancymyoui
Totally gonne mess up interview this afternoon. My whole body is hurting. Vocal chord also destroyed
ゆとりん ※~7/8まで低浮上 @yutorinpp
※【共同・譲渡】DYNAMIC CHORD地下宮殿カフェ缶バッジ ver.E ダイナー 譲:Kuro 20 pic.twitter.com/9JAP65oaBW twitter.com/yutorinpp/stat…
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nj👀 @njayzen27
Chorald chord chord chord chord chord chord chordchordchoedhcordhcoedhxodjdocheodhcordhcordhchordchordchordchordchordchordchordchord yawa wala nakoy choed chord chordc hord chord chord cjord help me plss
Gerry Merchant @tablogloid
@UnreveaISecrets @Thelnteresting That story is a myth. Clapton never said that about a three chord song. A7/D7/E7
Travis Quick @travisq
@RachealmommaC @johnpaulwhite To be fair, this was a makeup of an original July 27 show at Open Chord.
まれん*乙女ゲー垢 @Diabro_otomate
@yuno_yuno11 攻略キャラ多いから時間かかりそうやなw 頑張る(๑•̀ㅂ•́)و✧ リバソンはシチュCD聞いて、興味湧いた(๑•̀ㅂ•́)و✧ 気になるよねぇ🤔 欲しいけど、DYNAMIC CHORDの方、種類いっぱいあるから🤔
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