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Science Confirms That Forgetting Things Is Actually A Sign Of Very High Intelligence buff.ly/2TMb7wi
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@ZonePhysics Having worked at a University as an assistant to the professors I can provide anecdotal evidence this is 100% correct😉
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@ZonePhysics This references the work of assistant professor of neuroscience at University of Toronto, Blake Richards @tyrell_turing. “It’s important that the brain forgets irrelevant details and instead focuses on stuff that’s going to help make decisions in the real world,” says Richards. pic.twitter.com/JNZTDzj6FX
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@ZonePhysics #Intequinism Intelligence is about fitting true puzzle pieces together; building puzzles in minds. There's a paradox relevant. Deceiving, logically increases memory power because lies must be remembered. Lying thus improves memory but it also adds false puzzle pieces to minds.
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@ZonePhysics My daughter says getting rid of old memories for new knowledge n memories

Everyone forgets something from time to time. It can be from leaving an umbrella at a restaurant to an address disappearing from your brain. I myself have a hard time keeping track of all the passwords you have to remember nowadays.

Over the years I have given a try to different memory exercises and tricks to improve my own, but it rarely works for me. Maybe it’s only fair to accept that you’re a bit forgetful and probably good at something else.
However, some time ago, we came by a fantastic research, which is about forgetfulness!
It is a study which came to a rather amazing conclusion. It turns out that having a bad memory doesn’t have to be negative. Sure, it’s difficult for a person to forget things from time to time, but this could be a sign of something to be proud of, the site likewifty reports.

Yes, in the future you should probably stop giving yourself a bad time about how forgetful you are. This new research indicates that forgetfulness can be a sign of very high intelligence. I’d have thought it was the other way around, but it’s not.

People with the best memories tend to forget about relatively unnecessary details. So if you forgot the directions to that new restaurant, it’s probably because you have more important things on your mind.
Instead, if you remembered everything, then it would mean that you have a hard time making decisions because you have so much competing data taking part of your thought process.
You can stop worrying
An intelligent person’s brain lets go of things that it no longer needs, which facilitates thinking and decision making.

This actually makes sense, when you think about it!
So from this point forward, no more putting yourself down about all the little things that escape the brain. Instead, you can think about yourself as a very intelligent person who has considerably more important things to think about.
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