Tri Saputra (Utha) @tsaputrasakti
@salscy Silakan tonton~ beri kesempatan. Jangan lupa persiapannya kek nonton Avengers End Game ya. Secara tiga jam. 😂
👑BigAziz👑 @BigAziz17
Check out my latest video where I discuss Avengers: End Game and Spiderman: Far From Home! youtube.com/watch?v=ulQtZT… Hope you all enjoy! 💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾 #AvengersEndgame #Avengers #SpiderManFarFromHome #Spiderman #Marvel
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Paul @pkfreeze175
After picking up Avengers: End Game on video a few days ago, I decided to watch both it and Avengers: Infinity War back to back tonight. I really enjoy both films and they do a fantastic job in concluding the main story arc of the cinematic franchise.


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