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Wave after wave of plastic waste is washing ashore in the Dominican Republic😱😱 pic.twitter.com/NDzgJTYvbk
John Graham @JohnGrahamIV
@ZonePhysics Reap what you sow. Sometimes what others sow.
Luis A. Vegas V. @lavvphotography
@ZonePhysics That happened 2 years ago, it was cleaned up and changes where made to prevent it from happening again.
Tracy @ThatTracyPerson
@ZonePhysics It's already all gathered up. You'd think that would make it easier to scoop up and recycle.
Erind Gj @erindgj
@lavvphotography @ZonePhysics Still there- happens every so often. I was there in April. Trash as far as the eye could see in Santo Domingo.
Laura Jacobs @amazongodeswrap
@ThatTracyPerson @ZonePhysics Right. Clean it up, recycle and let’s keep it from happening again. 🌎
Bruce Thomas @Tickerb11111
@JohnGrahamIV @ZonePhysics I've been to the DR a number of times and believe me, it's not just "others".
Tracy @ThatTracyPerson
@amazongodeswrap @ZonePhysics Heck, wash it good, shred it a bit, and use it for building materials. Plastic doesn't rot!
Tracy @ThatTracyPerson
@OliverCordingl1 @amazongodeswrap @ZonePhysics Well let's build some pyramids and shit for the aliens to wonder at long after we've bombed ourselves into extinction! I mean, why not?
Laura Jacobs @amazongodeswrap
@ThatTracyPerson @OliverCordingl1 @ZonePhysics Plastic pyramids??? How avant garde 😆 but seriously we humans need to do better for our planet
Tracy @ThatTracyPerson
@amazongodeswrap @OliverCordingl1 @ZonePhysics We can add a bunch of apartments to the inside and REALLY make the aliens wonder what the hell we were smoking. 🤣😂🤣😂
Luis A. Vegas V. @lavvphotography
@erindgj @ZonePhysics I live in Santo Domingo and the only time it was that bad is in the video we’ve all seen, I don’t recall ever happening again since then.
Bob abbott @bobabbott50_bob
@ZonePhysics @RAIDERCUBSHAWKS What happened to plastic being recyclable why do I take plastic and separate it and take it to the can man then ends up in the ocean
💟FlowersDe🇨🇱 @YoBlumen
@ZonePhysics @ElDiabloRoboc La cagada. Destruyendo el mundo a pasos acelerados. Y todavía niegan los efectos del desastre.


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