Arriy. @_burgundyleaves
Travel Tip: Whenever your flight is delayed more than 1 hour, always call your airlines customer service and ask for a credit voucher.
Queen of The North @PozeKoW_
@HueyTJ2 @dosesofdebz @_burgundyleaves @radricadavis My flight was just delayed on Friday with Delta, what did you say to them?
FreedomWalker✊🏾 @HueyTJ2
@PozeKoW_ @dosesofdebz @_burgundyleaves @radricadavis “My flight was delayed for 8 hours. I had to work that afternoon but couldn’t due to being inconvenienced by delta.”
FreedomWalker✊🏾 @HueyTJ2
@legallynotpam @PozeKoW_ @dosesofdebz @_burgundyleaves @radricadavis I called them on site. Plus my mom. And Jesus. I needed something done. I tried my best to not spend my day in an airport. Luckily the customer service lady provided something instead of nothing pic.twitter.com/8ZYzw0Jbpz
Arriy. @_burgundyleaves
My bestfriend @AjiaTheGreat is a bomb vocalist! Check out her YT Channel: m.youtube.com/channel/UCFm6B… 🥰
Sabrina @euqinomirb
@_burgundyleaves I work for United and honestly, you can really get anything
lala @DJoohlala
@_burgundyleaves Thank you so much! I literally was in the airport for 4 hours this morning because of a delay, seen your tweet just called and got a voucher. God bless u
👑 @ShannonSay
@HueyTJ2 @legallynotpam @PozeKoW_ @dosesofdebz @_burgundyleaves @radricadavis Wait you think I can do this if it was two weeks ago 🤔 cause they really did mess up my hours lol
Arriy. @_burgundyleaves
@marlenedonnaa Hi, My flight has been delayed for *insert amount of hours* this has caused a major inconvenience for me. Is it possible to receive a credit voucher for my flight’s delay?
marlene🌚🌘🌼 @marlenedonnaa
@_burgundyleaves thank you sooo much for this ahh you’re a lifesaver!! i have a flight on friday and if this happens literally my anxiety would’ve left me not knowing what to saaayyy omg 💜💜💜
Arriy. @_burgundyleaves
@marlenedonnaa No problem! I’m happy that I could help you 😊
Sabrina @euqinomirb
@beautifulgenn Lmaooo I be giving out vouchers left and right 😭 there was one time I had to give out like 500$ transportation voucher to someone just so he could go back home and then return in the morning
L A Y @BigBagLay
@hazard_tweets @_burgundyleaves @queenflexxx I got $500 too from Delta for overbooking😭 then they tried to offer me another $600 to change flights again
Champlõô @PhilmonH
@BigBagLay @hazard_tweets @_burgundyleaves @queenflexxx If you had to be removed involuntarily due to oversold flights, they’ll give you 3000 in cash.
dramatik ceo @karr_karrr
@euqinomirb @beautifulgenn United delayed my flight once, told us our plane was broke. We sat on it for 2 hours (and then took off on the same one) and I barely made my next flight. They didn’t put my luggage on the new flight so I didn’t get my bags till 9 pm (I landed at 3) and they gave me $75.
Sabrina @euqinomirb
@karr_karrr @beautifulgenn Girl u should’ve asked for more they would’ve been so beat 🙄 but I’m sorry honestly all of the industry sucks. It’s such a cluster fuck 24/7 365
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