shredz @ramenrulz8P
EP 8 of Hotel Del Luna had me sobbing 😭😭😭 Holy fuck that shit hurted
Aly @alyssaksmp
gusto ko na panuorin yung Hotel Del Luna pero ep 8 palang baka mabitin ako ☹️
jubi @chococoneiy
gajadi bobo, hotel del luna eps 8 udh update uhuy
Marjorie Casas Vines @mardyoribayns
Waiting for Episode 8 (with sub) of Hotel del Luna. ❤️
The Seoul Story @theseoulstory
Episode 8 of tvN drama 'Hotel Del Luna' received average rating of 9.1% and highest of 10.1% 🔥 n.news.naver.com/entertain/arti… pic.twitter.com/9ZiQhaaTqm
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miss aa @miss_xaa
Episode 8 | Hotel del Luna pic.twitter.com/S6T0WMr3Bn
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Fer @Feehsouza
Só tem 15% da legenda em inglês do ep 8 de hotel del luna, o que farei? Verei mesmo assim pois curiosa demais
ً @vantedeluna
l’épisode 8 de hotel del luna je vais trop pleurer
🌙 @sugashiteru
Just when i thought no dramas will top Scarlet Heart Ryeo ost lineup, Hotel Del Luna proved me wrong. And its just been 8 eps only. I mean look at all the talent, the excellency *chefs kiss* Punch & Monday Kiz Taeyeon 10cm Yang Da il Gummy Heize Red Velvet Chung Ha Paul Kim
Bibiana Angela @Bibiana_Angela
Hotel Del Luna episode 8 bulum kaluar kaaa????? Nda sbr sy mau tingu


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