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#DrivingDig Tip of the Day Week 1

Tips on driving digital transformation by Driving Digital author @NYike
Driving Digital @DrivingDig

#DevOps tip of the day Are you sure your application really needs daily deployments? Is that what users need? Do you have sufficient test coverage and enough monitoring to detect error conditions? Speed wo quality can be deadly #DrivingDig…

25/07/2019 01:19:30 WIB
Driving Digital @DrivingDig

#AI #analytics tip of the day It’s easy to get lost on a #DataScience journey as one question leads to another. Before taking a new step forward, ask whether answering it brings you closer to delivering value or are you chasing a red herring… #DrivingDig

26/07/2019 03:04:23 WIB
Driving Digital @DrivingDig

Architecture tip of the day Computing has two trends; (i) #microservices deployed to #serverless engines when the inputs/outputs are known, (ii) #MachineLearning when there are too many inputs and hard to find patterns. What about doing both?… #DrivingDig

26/07/2019 21:37:55 WIB
Isaac Sacolick @nyike

#ProductManagement tip of the day Ask your teams to consider all ideas around a feature. Over define what’s needed then make prudent business decisions on what is an #agile MVP and how to measure outcomes.… #DrivingDig

27/07/2019 21:16:12 WIB
Driving Digital @DrivingDig

#DrivingDig tip of the day Coming off yesterday’s #ciochat - here is to putting people first in #DigitalTransformation programs. Give people and teams the time and freedom to ask questions and suggest their course of action.…

29/07/2019 05:29:23 WIB
Driving Digital @DrivingDig

#LowCode tip of the day When you develop a new application, consider developing all the back office tools in a lowcode or nocode platform. Faster and easier to maintain. #DrivingDig

30/07/2019 04:45:18 WIB


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