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Masih Banyak Yang Tertipu, Foto Steven Spielberg Dengan Properti Hewan Yang Terbaring Dibelakangnya Memancing Kemarahan Pecinta Binatang

itu untuk film Jurrasic Park tahun 90an
Marcus oh Really @Marcus_oh_Reall

@_youhadonejob1 Thats disgusting... I bet it was the last one alive as well

30/07/2019 20:14:09 WIB
Dan @hicksydan

@_youhadonejob1 @SpursEeyore This man is Steven Spielberg from California! Retweet to name and shame!

30/07/2019 20:18:53 WIB
Era @erapriliana

@_youhadonejob1 Post this on facebook and enjoy the show 🍿

30/07/2019 20:18:38 WIB
Khalimdar @SnipR87

@hicksydan @_youhadonejob1 @SpursEeyore I bet he is a billionaire... 😭 So sad this kind of safari must stop... This park must close!

31/07/2019 02:27:44 WIB
Pretty Princess Steven Avery @joural81

@_youhadonejob1 @JesseKellyDC If this guy had done his job they wouldn't have needed to start killing these majestic creatures! #StopTheInsanity #SaveTheDinosaurs

30/07/2019 20:45:50 WIB
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Kaitlin Budish @KaitlinSchlegel

@erapriliana @_youhadonejob1 I just did this, and I’m waiting for people to tell me it’s a dinosaur 😂

30/07/2019 21:00:24 WIB
Kaitlin Budish @KaitlinSchlegel

@erapriliana @_youhadonejob1 So far, everyone is young and with it. Just gotta wait for grandma to hop on..........

30/07/2019 21:23:29 WIB
🧢 Treiberclan 🧢 @treiberclan

@GoodGroupPod @RealDeanCain @_youhadonejob1 @blackswampradio Everybody knows that the dinosaurs were really big into vaping. Juul killed the dinosaurs, pretty sure that’s in the Bible also.

31/07/2019 20:53:24 WIB


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